GRDA Sponsorships

Grand River Dam Authority

Grant amount: Unspecified amount

Deadline: Rolling

Applicant type: Nonprofit Government Entity

Funding uses: Education / Outreach, Applied Project / Program

Location of project: Counties in Oklahoma: Adair County, Cherokee County, Craig County, Creek County, Delaware County Expand all

Location of residency: Oklahoma

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Policy and Procedures for Marketing Expenditures for Economic Development & Community Services

It shall be the policy of the Authority to fulfill the above objectives by establishing the following provisions:

  • GRDA supports and assists activities, organizations, and causes which advance both governmental public purposes, as well as corporate purpose of GRDA by promoting community and economic development, tourism and recreational activities, and conservation and development of natural resources in the communities and industrial areas it serves. This support and assistance will be in compliance with state laws governing GRDA’s activities including marketing, consumer education, community relations and customer service functions which it performs.
  • GRDA is a body corporate and politic created by statute and is an agency of the state of Oklahoma. As a result thereof, all funds generated, received and expended by GRDA are public funds and subject to state laws and regulations governing the receipt and expenditure of public funds in the same manner as all other state agencies. Among other activities prescribed by law, GRDA produces, sells and distributes electricity throughout its statutory district, as well as other areas. It is in competition with other electric utilities in the provision of these services.
  • GRDA has had a longstanding practice of supporting and assisting organizations which promote certain public purposes as described above in GRDA’s Policy Statement. This practice has been deemed by the Board of Directors of GRDA to enhance its competitive position and to be important generally in carrying out the prudent operation of the business of GRDA.
  • The Board of Directors historically viewed requests for support and assistance in light of whether such a request furthers a public purpose, as well as the corporate purposes of GRDA. The Board finds it necessary and desirable and in the best interest of GRDA and its ratepayers to affirm the application of the public purpose/corporate purpose standard and to better define the working framework for the handling of requests for support and assistance.

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  • GRDA may support the following organizational types:
    • Community and Economic Development Organizations;
    • Chambers of Commerce;
    • Tourism and Recreational Organizations;
    • Agricultural Organizations;
    • Environmental Organizations; and
    • Municipals.
  • GRDA may support and assist communities that are either served by GRDA, or in which any of its facilities are located, and the GRDA lakes.
  • A budget per community/region will be set based on what is in the best interest of GRDA.
    • Factors taken into consideration will include the number of citizens benefiting from the programs/projects, revenue to GRDA, and the overall need of the community.
    • Any support and assistance provided by GRDA shall be at its sole discretion, provided however, that such support and assistance shall be limited to an amount not to exceed a predetermined total, per year (based on economic conditions) for one (1) or more projects or efforts that are for the benefit of or impact the quality of life for each city or community which GRDA serves or in which it has facilities.


  • GRDA will not monetarily support the following:
    • Individuals;
    • Political campaigns/parties;
    • Religious organizations;
    • Private schools
    • Private for-profit organizations;
    • Solicitations received by form letters;
    • Groups that discriminate on the basis of age, race, sex, or national origin;
    • Activities, organizations or causes which do not advance a public purpose and a GRDA corporate purpose;