Harvard Forest Summer Research Program in Ecology

Harvard University

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Grant amount: Approximately US $6,000

Anticipated deadline: Feb 1, 2020 6:00am PST

Applicant type: Undergraduate Student Graduate Student

Funding uses: Research, Fellowship

Location of project: Worcester County, Massachusetts

Location of residency: United States

Must travel to: Massachusetts

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About this funder:



The Harvard Forest Summer Research Program in Ecology is an opportunity for students to participate in 11 weeks of mentored, paid, independent research focusing on the effects of natural and human disturbances on forest ecosystems, including global climate change, hurricanes, forest harvest, wildlife dynamics, and species diversity.

Researchers come from many disciplines, and specific projects center on population and community ecology, paleoecology, land-use history, biochemistry, soil science, ecophysiology, atmosphere-biosphere exchanges, landscape modeling, and data provenance.


  • Stipend of $5,775 for the 11-week session
  • Free furnished housing at Fisher House or Raup House
  • Free full meal plan
  • Travel reimbursement for one round trip to the Harvard Forest campus (federal grant restrictions apply)

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • The Harvard Forest Summer Program is open to undergraduates or recently graduated students from all institutions.
  • Participation in the program is open only to those are legally authorized to be employed by Harvard University in the United States.  
    • A majority of our funding is only open to U.S. citizens or green card holders. 
    • If you are not a citizen or green card holder, you are still welcome to apply, but note your chances of participating in the program are very low.
  • International students currently attending a US school may be eligible to participate in the program if you are able to secure your own funding. Harvard University will not be able to pay for any stipends, room & board, and travel costs.
  • Some projects might require students to have completed coursework in
    • Ecology
    • Chemistry
    • Computer science
    • Engineering
    • Statistics


  • We actively recruit students from small colleges, minority serving colleges and universities, tribal colleges, community colleges, and schools with limited opportunities to get "hands on" research experience.


  • International students not attending school currently in the US are not eligible for this program.