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Anticipated deadline: Mar 10, 2021 6:00pm PST

Grant amount: Up to US $50,000

Fields of work: Health & Medicine Dementia & Alzheimer’s Disease Interstitial Lung Disease Genetics & Genomics Heart Disease Diabetes Aging/Gerontology Cancer/Oncology Eye Diseases & Disorders Immune System Diseases Show all

Applicant type: Faculty

Funding uses: Research

Location of project: Hawaii

Location of residency: Hawaii

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About this funder:



The Hawai‘i Community Foundation’s (HCF) Medical Research program makes grants annually to support basic and clinical research conducted in Hawai‘i. The overall goal of the program is to support a robust local medical research community that benefits the people of Hawaii. Award recommendations are made by the Medical Research Advisory Committee (MRAC). 

The Medical Research program is supported by several funders including: the George F. Straub Trust, the Victoria S. and Bradley L. Geist Foundation, and multiple funds at Hawai‘i Community Foundation. Researchers will have eighteen (18) months to complete their research project.

The intent of the Medical Research program is to support research proposals that are based on strong science and use proper protocols.

Grants in the following areas are up to $50,000:

The following are the program’s areas of focus 

    • Clinical/basic research – Alzheimer’s disease, mental or physical diseases related to old age
    • Clinical/basic research – cancer, heart disease, or lung disease
    • Clinical/basic research – general
    • Clinical/basic research – immunology, genetics, or the medicinal uses of Hawaiian plants
    • Clinical/basic research – prevent blindness, with particular emphasis on macular degeneration
    • Clinical/basic research – type I diabetes (juvenile diabetes)

    Grants in the following area are up to $25,000:

    • Research infrastructure – This priority area is not a research project, per se, but is intended to improve Hawai‘i’s research organizational effectiveness.
      • For example, support of organizational change, support new or existing research systems, or assist with inter-organizational collaborative efforts.

    You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


    • Organizations are eligible to apply for a grant if:
      • Organization is a 501(c)(3) organization or a unit of government.
      • The PI is based in and is conducting their research in Hawai‘i.
      • The PI is at least equivalent to an Assistant Professor.
      • Only one (1) grant proposal submission per PI will be accepted. This includes being identified as a Co-PI.
      • A PI with a current grant may apply if the current grant is due to be completed within six (6) months of the RFP deadline date.
        • However, if awarded, a new grant will not be released until the current grant is completed and all reports are received.


    • Priority is given to research projects that:
      • Articulate biomedical relevance and potential to impact health care delivery to benefit the people of Hawai‘i.
      • Are likely to lead to increased competitiveness for national funding by providing seed funding for gathering preliminary data.
      • Supports a new researcher or a new line of research in Hawai‘i.
      • Are a collaborative effort in Hawai‘i-based research.