Helping Hands Grants

Community Foundation of North Central Washington

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Grant amount: Up to US $2,500

Next deadline: Oct 29, 2019

Later deadlines: Dec 31, 2019, Feb 25, 2020, Apr 28, 2020, Jun 30, 2020, Aug 27, 2020

Applicant type: Government Entity Nonprofit

Funding uses: Education / Outreach, Project / Program

Location of project: Counties in Washington: Chelan County, Douglas County, Okanogan County

Location of residency: Preferred: Counties in Washington: Chelan County, Douglas County, Okanogan County Other eligible locations: United States

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About this funder:



The Community Foundation of NCW is a tax-exempt philanthropic organization that helps individuals, families, businesses, and agencies support charitable causes throughout Chelan, Douglas, and Okanogan counties.

Helping Hands Grants

This grant program is intended to support unexpected needs or special funding opportunities where a small investment could make a big difference. Applications can be submitted anytime, year-round. Funds are awarded every other month and must be spent within six months.

Helping Hands grants are designed to:

  • Take advantage of an unforeseen opportunity; and/or 
  • Provide equipment or resources that could not have been anticipated or budgeted for, or that are one-time expenses for the organization; and/or
  • Make a time-sensitive investment in a program or resource that will result in meaningful impact.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Grants are for 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations in Chelan, Douglas, and Okanogan counties, with the exception of those that serve the Methow Valley.
    •  Proposals from nonprofit organizations outside of the three county area may apply ONLY if the proposed project benefits Chelan, Douglas or Okanogan counties exclusively. 
  • Government entities, (excluding public educational institutions,) and religious organizations defined by the IRS in Section 170(c)1 or 170(b)1A are also eligible. 
  •  All other organizations are required to have a 501c3 fiscal sponsor prior to submitting a grant request.


  • Helping Hands grants are not intended to:
    • Support annual fund drives
    • Pay down deficits
    • Reimburse previously incurred expenses
  • Multiple Helping Hands grant applications in any one grant cycle from the same organization are not acceptable (exception is for organizations acting as fiscal sponsor for community projects or programs). 
  • No grants will be made specifically for religious purposes but can be made to religious organizations for general community programs. (see CFNCW’s policy on funding for faith-based organizations). 
  • No grants will be made for projects, programs, and/or equipment that were completed or acquired prior to the scheduled grant award date.