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Grant amount: Up to US $2,500

Deadline: Rolling

Applicant type: Nonprofit

Funding uses: Project / Program

Location of project: California

Location of residency: California

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About this funder:



Our Supplemental Grant program was established to recognize and support community–based organizations whose important programs or projects may not require the resources provided through a Standard Grant. Since 2006, these funds have helped assist successful fundraising events, provide students with educational opportunities, and facilitate the implementation of numerous projects that fit within our areas of funding:

Ecosystem Conservation

It’s up to us to conserve and restore our ecosystems so that plant and wildlife can sustain and thrive

Abundant plant and wildlife populations are dependent on the ecosystems in which they live. Today, these essential habitats – made up of wetlands, estuaries, watersheds, and other sensitive areas – cannot be sustained on their own.

Our Ecosystem Conservation program funds projects and programs that focus on the enhancement of habitats in which plants and wildlife thrive. We know that proper conservation and restoration of our ecosystems can only be accomplished when like-minded organizations work together for this common goal

Historical Landmark Restoration

We must hold hands with the past so that it’s more than a picture; so it becomes a part of who we are and who we will become.

Embedding the traditions of time within architecture, rather than within pictures, provides a more literal preservation of the past. This historical reference gives new generations a better perception of community history and inspiration towards the future.

Our Historical Landmark Restoration program funds the restoration, preservation, or acquisition of projects with historical significance that are 100 years or older, including new construction, enhancements, or improvements to buildings, monuments, landmarks, and documents.

Music & Visual Arts

Music and the arts transcend barriers and provide a common language for us all.

While Music and Visual Arts provide a means for expression, inspiration, cultural awareness, and fulfillment, we must promote the expansion and awareness of music and visual arts in our communities.

Our Music & Visual Arts program funds projects and programs that promote a robust arts community where talented artists can have adequate access to training, working facilities, artist work spaces, and other resources.

Plant & Wildlife Protection

By looking beyond the appearance of plants and wildlife, by studying and discovering them, we learn how to protect them.

Today’s plants and wildlife are confronted with greater challenges than ever before. As a nation, our stewardship of their populations and habitat is critical to the survival of all species.

Our Plant & Wildlife Protection program funds private organizations that desire to see plant and wildlife flourish and that work for the protection and conservation of endangered and threatened species.

Land Conservation

The beauty of open fields and excitement of the outdoors is something we can’t allow our children to miss out on.

We all cherish memories growing up of when we played and hiked through fields, forests, and hillsides, freely enjoying the outdoors. To ensure future generations can make such memories, it’s essential we take appropriate steps to conserve our open spaces.

Our Land Conservation program supports the protection and management of land with scenic, agricultural, or cultural values, such as parks, streams, and botanical gardens. We fund non-advocacy organizations with an active membership base that are hands-on and committed.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • If all of the statements below are true, then you may be eligible for a Supplemental Grant.
    • In regards to your organization:
      • We are a nonprofit organization with a California 501c3 designation.
      • We receive the majority of our funding support from our local community.
      • We have a board of directors that meets on a regular basis.
      • We hold or sponsor at least one fundraising event annually.
      • We have been a California 501(c)3 for more than two years based on the ruling date of our IRS Determination Letter and as confirmed in Guidestar.
    • In regards to your project or program:
      • The project or program we’re requesting funding for is based in California.
      • The success of our project will provide a lasting benefit to your community.
      • Our project or program falls within the Hind Foundation’s Areas of Funding.
      • Our organization has not received a Hind Foundation Supplemental Grant this year.
      • The amount of funding we’re requesting can be justified by the program or project scope.
      • We’re seeking a grant to fund scholarships, performances, educational materials, fund raising materials, or other similar projects.


  • If any of the statements below are true, then your project is not eligible for a Supplemental Grant.
    • We have received a Hind Foundation Supplemental Grant this year.
    • We’re seeking funding for debt reduction, books, videos, food, beverages, travel expenses, vehicles, mobile apps, and television or film projects.
    • We’re seeking sustaining funds, multi-year grants, or funding for administrative costs or soft costs (i.e. architectural, engineering, and permitting fees and drawings, including digital records, etc.).
    • We’re seeking a grant for a/an individual, endowment, fellowship national organization, community foundation, private foundation, nationally-based organization, nonprofit or booster club for public schools, or one of the three of the Internal Revenue Code or organizations based outside the United States.
    • We’re an advocacy organization that engages in lawsuits, protests, and other forms of dissent. 
    • Our organization is primarily supported by endowment funds or by government grants.
    • We are seeking funds for improvements, construction or restoration on privately held land.
    • We are seeking funds for transportation costs.