History Fund: Programs & Collections Grant

Ohio History Connection

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Grant amount: US $2,000 - US $20,000

Anticipated deadline: Sep 4, 2020 8:59pm PDT

Applicant type: Government Entity Nonprofit

Funding uses: Education / Outreach, Research, Project / Program, Exhibitions

Location of project: Ohio

Location of residency: Ohio

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About this funder:



The History Fund was created to support the preservation and sharing of Ohio’s heritage by funding local, regional, and statewide projects, programs, and events related to the broad sweep of the state’s history and pre-history.
The History Fund is made possible by the voluntary contributions of individual Ohioans, who donate a portion of their Ohio income tax refund, donate directly to the Ohio History Connection, and purchase and Ohio History “mastodon’ license plate.  The number and size of grants will vary according to the amount donated.

Programs & Collections Grants

Programs & Collections encompasses a variety of projects that further the study, recordation, interpretation, publication and dissemination of historical information, engagement of communities in history, or conservation of historical collections and archives.

Projects that can be funded under this category could include, but are not limited to, public programs, exhibits, care and management of archival materials and artifacts, digitization of collections, oral history, archeological/architectural/historical surveys, archaeological field work, nominations of historic buildings and sites to the National Register of Historic Places, preparation of historic preservation plans or feasibility studies, mobile or online applications, walking tours, and events.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Ohio-based, nonprofit organizations in good standing    
  • Public entities in Ohio, such as units of local government, public libraries, and educational institutions
  • Organizations operating Ohio History Connection sites under “site management agreements” are eligible to apply under their own names. Functions and fiscal responsibilities assigned to the Ohio History Connection under site management agreements are not eligible for grants from the History Fund. 
  • Examples of eligible applicants include, but are not limited to local historical societies, public libraries, genealogical societies, university archives and special collections, historic preservation groups, archeological societies, county records management offices, and incorporated “friends” groups of any of the above.
  • Requirements:
    • Project Length: 2 years
    • Match Requirement: 60/40. The grant will pay 60% of the total cost of a project and the applicant will be responsible for a 40% match.  Example: for a $10,000 project, the History Fund would provide $6,000.  The applicant’s match would be $4,000.
    • Funds Distribution: 50% of the grant amount at the beginning of the project.  Remainder paid upon completion of the project, pending approval of the final report.


  • Ineligible applicants include for-profit businesses and entities, private individuals, and the Ohio History Connection.
  • Ineligible applicants may serve as contractors to grant awardees but are not eligible to apply for History Fund grants directly.
  • One grant per organization at a time:  otherwise eligible grantees that have an open grant with the History Fund are not eligible to apply for a second History Fund grant until the first grant has been closed (i.e. the History Fund has accepted the grantee’s final report).
  • Kinds of costs are ineligible for History Fund grant assistance:
    • Acquisition of historical materials for an institution’s collection.
    • Buildings – moving or reconstructing:  Cost of moving historic buildings, generally.  (Contact the Ohio History Connection if you are contemplating such a project.)  Cost of reconstructing historic buildings.
    • Buildings – remodeling:  Projects to remodel or modernize building interiors unrelated to the guidelines above.  For example, general maintenance and redecorating are not eligible.
    • Copyright:  Projects that would convert to a digital format material that the applicant intuition does not hold the copyright to.  Materials must no longer be restricted by copyright, the applicant must hold copyright, or the applicant must document that copyright has been turned over to the organization or ceded to the public domain. 
    • Costs of operation, such as utilities, security system maintenance fees, grounds keeping, hosting services for website, digital image storage, etc.
    • Public works of art, including monuments, sculptures, and murals that do not address Ohio history and the goals of the History Fund (see above section).
    • Equipment:  Purchase of equipment not related to accomplishing a specific project goal.
    • Historical markers:  Grants to erect or repair Ohio Historical Markers.  For grants for markers, see www.remarkableohio.org
    • Honoraria when the primary intent is to confer distinction.
    • Insurance costs, unless shown as match for an event or program.
    • Interest and debt payments.
    • Direct lobbying or fundraising.
    • Mitigation costs (under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act).
    • Oral history that does not focus on a particular subject or theme.
    • Other activities:  the list above is not comprehensive.  Contact the Ohio History Connection if you have a question about whether an activity is eligible for funding.