Anschutz Family Foundation Grant

Anschutz Family Foundation

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Grant amount: US $5,000 - US $10,000

Next deadline: Jul 1, 2020 4:00pm PDT

Later deadlines: Jan 15, 2021 4:00pm PST

Applicant type: Government Entity Nonprofit College / University

Funding uses: Education / Outreach, General Operating Expense, Project / Program

Location of project: Colorado

Location of residency: United States

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About this funder:



Anschutz Family Foundation’s mission is purposely broad, allowing it to support endeavors that strengthen families and communities and help individuals become productive and responsible citizens. The Foundation has a special interest in self-sufficiency, community development and programs aimed at the economically disadvantaged, the young, the elderly and the disabled. The Foundation is also dedicated to funding efforts in rural Colorado.

Funding Areas

Anschutz Family Foundation typically provides grants to Colorado nonprofit organizations offering programs and services that fit within one or more of our grant funding areas:

  • Self-Sufficiency
  • Homeless & Disadvantaged
  • Youth Development
  • Early Childhood Development
  • Community & Capacity Building
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Seniors
  • Disabled

What we look for: 

  • Alignment with the Foundation’s mission and interests
  • Clearly presented goals, objectives and strategies
  • Provision of unduplicated, needed programs and services
  • Sustainable and diversified funding streams
  • Solid financial statements and cash reserves
  • Demonstrated financial need
  • Proven track record of success with positive outputs and outcomes
  • Effective and qualified leadership
  • Engaged and committed board of directors with 100% making a meaningful financial contribution to the organization
  • Strong, effective and ongoing organization and program evaluation
  • Community buy-in and support evidenced through donations, volunteer engagement, collaborations and partnerships
  • Utilization of best practices and principles across all levels of the organization

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Organization must be classified as one of the following:
    • A 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity
    • Independent sponsored project of a 501(c)(3) nonprofit acting as a fiscal sponsor
    • Government or tax-supported public entity
  • Activities or programs must take place in Colorado.
  • Only one application per organization is accepted per calendar year.
  • Organizations receiving funding for two consecutive calendar years must take one year before re-applying (search our past grants).
  • A final report for any previously awarded grant is required before a new request is considered.
  • Typical grants range between $5,000-$10,000, but do not exceed 10 percent of an organization’s annual budget.
  • General operating or program/project requests within our funding areas are accepted.
  • Challenge or matching grants are issued on occasion in our spring funding cycle, generally not by request but rather when the Foundation feels it would be beneficial to the organization.


  • We don't typically fund: 
    • Arts and culture
    • Capital campaigns (on rare occasions, the Foundation will fund capital campaigns for organizations located in rural Colorado whose mission closely aligns with the Foundation’s interest.
      • Applicants are advised to submit a one-page letter of inquiry prior to the submission of a grant for this purpose.
    • Education (primary or secondary)
    • Endowments, debt reduction, or loans
    • Grants to individuals
    • Healthcare, mental health, or disease-specific
    • Multi-year grants
    • Organizations with annual budgets in excess of $5 million
    • Organizations in leadership transition (i.e. interim director)
    • Organizations that discriminate in any way
    • Political causes, candidates, or campaigns
    • Public policy, advocacy, or research
    • Start-up organizations
    • Programs outside of Colorado
    • Religious organizations for religious purposes
    • Special events, conferences, or promotions
    • Type III supporting organizations under IRC Section 509(a)(3)