Land Trust Capacity, Excellence and Stewardship Grants: Janice Hollmann Grant

Maryland Environmental Trust

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Grant amount: Up to US $10,000

Anticipated deadline: Nov 15, 2019

Applicant type: Nonprofit

Funding uses: Applied Project / Program, Education / Outreach, General Operating Expense

Location of project: Maryland

Location of residency: Maryland

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Maryland Environmental Trust provides the Janice Hollmann Grant program to land trusts within Maryland. Janice Hollmann Grants are subject to a competitive application process. 

Janice Hollmann exemplified citizen leadership of local land trusts in Maryland. She co-founded the Severn River Land Trust and the Arundel Conservation Trust, and served on the Severn River Commission. She was Izaac Walton League’s Conservationist of the Year in 1989 and the Capital newspaper’s Person of the Year for 1990. Janice died of cancer in April 1990. 

Janice Hollman Grants are supported by funding from the State Highway Administration and are administered by the Maryland Environmental Trust to support local land trusts within the State of Maryland. Janice Hollmann Grants will be made annually depending on funding availability. 

The purpose of the Janice Hollmann Grant program is to build sustainable land trusts by increasing organizational capacity, developing community programs and services, implementing Standards and Practices and increasing public support for the diverse spectrum of conservation, stewardship and related land trust activities in the State of Maryland.

The grant period for Hollmann Grants is 12 months (from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018). About one month prior to the end of this period land trusts are required to report on their use of the funds and provide evidence that they have raised the matching amounts. These reporting requirements are included in the grant agreement. 

 Project Categories

Janice Hollmann Grants are intended to increase land trust capacity, support programing and innovation and foster stronger, better connected land trusts that will protect all natural resources and enhance the lives of Maryland citizens and generations to come. Note: Grant projects may incorporate more than one category. 

Strategic Land Conservation 

Hollmann grants are available for land trust partnerships that foster partnerships and collaboration in support of statewide priorities. Projects will be evaluated based on the degree they advance local, regional or statewide conservation goals, further innovative regional or local partnerships and strengthen land trusts through collaboration and cooperation. 

Enhanced Land & Easement Stewardship

Hollmann grants are available to support innovative approaches to address the widening “stewardship gap.” Projects should enhance land and easement stewardship in Maryland and increase a land trust’s capacity to monitor and manage their portfolio protected lands. 

Land Trust Strengthening

Hollmann grants are available to build and support strong, independent local land trust partners. Projects should increase organizational capacity, support cooperation and collaboration between land trusts, strengthen programs, develop accountability or enhance the land trust’s ability to fully implement Land Trust Alliances’ Standards and Practices.(rev2017) 

Connecting People to the Land

Hollmann grants are available for land trust programs that build support for community-driven conservation in Maryland. Projects should support land trust initiatives to engage community in their programs and connect citizens to the land through access, stewardship, service learning, and personal connection to nature. 

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Maryland land trusts are eligible to apply.
  • All grants require a 100% match from the land trust of in-kind services and privately raised funds. 
  • Land trusts eligible to receive grants from the Janice Hollmann Grant fund must: 
    • Have a mission dedicated to land conservation, stewardship of protected lands and/or to enhance their community’s unique sense of place. 
    • Be a "qualified organization" as defined under Section 170(H)(3) of the Internal revenue code.
    • Have executed a Cooperative Agreement with MET, providing for the soliciting, accepting, and monitoring of joint conservation easements with MET, dated on or after November 1, 2010.
    • Have a service area is located within the State of Maryland.
      • Grant funds are specifically intended for projects, programs and activities within the State of Maryland.
    • Have met all reporting requirements from previous Hollmann Grant cycle(s).
      • Note: Annual monitoring and a having a written stewardship plan is not a prerequisite.
      • However, having a track record of sharing coheld monitoring reports with MET’s Stewardship Program is considered in the grant evaluation process (if applicable).