Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation Grant

Jenny and Antti Wihurin Foundation

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Grant amount: €26,000 - €30,000

Deadline: May 31, 2020 2:00am PDT

Fields of work: Health & Medicine Science Visual Arts Art & Culture

Applicant type: Postdoctoral Researcher, PhD Student, Organizations, Artist

Funding uses: Project / Program, Research, Biomedical

Location of project: Finland

Location of residency: Finland

Degree requirements: Applicants must have a completed PhD

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Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation awards grants for the promotion of intellectual and economic development in Finland.

You can apply for a grant for research or artistic work, as well as for projects in the field of science, art and social activity. Typical examples include doctoral thesis, general work as an artist, and events.

Grants for science are primarily awarded for

  • doctoral studies

  • post-doctoral research

  • homing-grant after post-doctoral research

  • research groups

It is possible to apply for a second and third year grant for doctoral studies. The grantee must apply for them with a new application each year. If the grantee decides to apply for a continuation grant as described he/she must provide a progress report and a statement from a supervisor to be seen as a prospective recipient.

Grants for biomedicine are awarded for one-year full-time doctoral thesis work and research funding for a researcher returning to Finland after post-doctoral research abroad (biomedicine: homing grant is for the expenses).

Grants for visual art are awarded mainly for research of visual arts. 

Working Grants

The Foundation awards both undefined and one-year working grants. Grants are awarded for one year at a time. It is possible to apply for a continuation grant during the normal application period in the spring.

A working grant is meant for personal living expenses during the grant period.It is also possible for a working group to apply for a working grant.

Organizations can’t apply for working grants. If some sort of salaried work is involved in the organization’s project, it is seen as applying a grant for the expenditures of the project.

Amounts of full-time working grants are:

  • 26,000 euros for doctoral thesis
  • 30,000 for post doctoral research.

A grant awarded for one-year full-time work covers the personal expenditures of the individual  (at least 23 269,80 euros). In addition it covers for normal expenditures, regular travel, equipment and working space costs and the statutory social security (about 15% of the grant, organized by Mela).

Six-month grants are intended for full time work during six months and require the grantee to take a leave from other salaried work (13,00 for doctoral thesis and 15,000 for post-doctoral research).

Homing Grants

Research funding for a researcher returning to Finland after post-doctoral research abroad is called a homing grant and is worth 50,000 euros. The grant must be applied for no later than one year after arrival in Finland. (Homing grant (biomedicine) is for the equipment, reagents and hiring assistants).

Expenditure Grants

Expenditure grants are awarded for covering the expenditures of a project (such as the costs of a theater production) or single purchases (such as an acquisition of an instrument).

It is possible for you to apply for a working grant and an expenditure grant in the same application. (E.g an application for a dance performance can include a personal working grant for the artistic work and an expenditure grant for props, rents etc.)

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Who can apply:

    • a private individual
    • a working group
    • a registered legal entity/organization (such as association or cooperative) for expenditures of a project


  • Causes grants are not awarded for:
    • Proof reading nor printing costs of doctoral theses
    • Overhead costs of equipment
    • Undergraduate studies in the field of science
    • Travel grants
    • The grant for visual art is for the research of visual art: not for artistic work nor organizing an exhibition.
  • You cannot be awarded with a full-time working grant and be paid at the same time or use another working grant.