Kalamazoo Valley Chapter - George L. Disborough TU Research Grant Fund

Trout Unlimited

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Grant amount: Up to US $2,500

Anticipated deadline: Feb 15, 2021

Applicant type: Graduate Student

Funding uses: Research

Location of project: Caribbean, North America, Mexico

Location of residency: United States

Location of citizenship: United States

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About this funder:



The George L. Disborough Trout Unlimited Research Grant Fund was established by Kalamazoo Valley Chapter Trout Unlimited in 1990 using a generous donation from the estate of one of KVCTU’s founders, George Disborough. The purpose of the Fund is to recognize and support studies of trout habitat or other projects consistent with the goals and objectives of KVCTU, which include preservation of wild rivers, cleaning up polluted waters, maintaining early warning Water Quality Surveillance programs, education of the public through workshops and seminars, and speaking for the concerns of all anglers and conservationists.

The Fund pursues these goals through support of masters or doctoral level research studies of trout habitat or other projects consistent with the Trout Unlimited goals to preserve, protect, and enhance cold-water resources.  

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • The project must be consistent with the mission of Trout Unlimited and take place in North America.
  • The recipient must be a citizen of the United States or permanent resident alien, and a graduate student at an accredited college or university.


  • Preference is given to research projects that involve resident populations of coldwater salmonids and their habitats and that use unique, innovative methodologies.
  • When otherwise appropriate, preference is given to projects in Michigan.