Kendrick Foundation Grant

Kendrick Foundation (at the Community Foundation of Morgan County)

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Grant amount: Up to US $100,000

Next anticipated deadline: Jul 12, 2020 1:00pm PDT (Letter of inquiry)

Later anticipated deadlines: Aug 19, 2020 1:00pm PDT (Full proposal)

Applicant type: Nonprofit Government Entity

Funding uses: Education / Outreach, Project / Program

Location of project: Morgan County, Indiana

Location of residency: Preferred: Morgan County, Indiana Other eligible locations: United States

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About this funder:



Grant Guidelines

The Kendrick Foundation exists to support initiatives that improve the physical and mental health of Morgan County residents. We seek to partner with strong community organizations addressing three primary focus areas: mental health, the prevention and management of diabetes, and substance abuse prevention and rehabilitation. Consistent with our vision of serving as the premier catalyst for identifying and promoting the healthcare needs of Morgan County, this year’s grant process will continue to focus on tracking impact and fostering collaboration among evidence-based programs.

What the Kendrick Foundation Expects From Partner Organizations

  • Visionary Funding and Grant Requests: We want to read inspired applications with evidence-based ideas for how to positively impact Morgan County. We may contact applicants requesting more clarification or more detailed information. 
  • Timeliness: Applicants must submit all required materials by the deadline; late applications will not be accepted. Recipients are also expected to meet all deadlines. 
  • Grant Agreement Adherence: Recipients must establish a grant agreement with the Foundation. If your budget or plan changes, the grant agreement must be re-approved and amended. Any unused grant money must be returned. 
  • Outcome Training Compliance: Throughout the year, all grantees will be required to attend seminars and meet individually with Zac Kester of Charitable Allies, a non profit dedicated to helping other organizations establish effective and efficient impact measurement. 
  • Thorough Final Reports: We expect typed reports that show us exactly how the money was used and how it made a difference in the community. This includes measured outcomes and well-tracked data. An extension of time to submit the report is permitted only with written approval prior to the deadline. Programs will not receive any future grant funds until all prior grants are closed. Grantees may also be asked to provide photos or other media for publicity purposes. 
  • Candor: As your partner, we need to know about your successes and struggles, and we always welcome your feedback.

What Partner Organizations Can Expect From the Kendrick Foundation

  • Ongoing Support: We want to help you deliver a strong application and an even stronger impact to Morgan County. From before the application deadline to after the final report, feel free to communicate with us. If there are other ways we can support your important work, let us know. 
  • Feedback: We can provide feedback for organizations invited to complete the full application. If your request is not funded, we are happy to discuss ways to strengthen future applications. We want to enhance the collective capacity of all organizations serving Morgan County. 
  • Visits From Kendrick Foundation Board Members and Representatives: You are welcome to visit us in-person or use our conference space. You can also expect visits from us, as we want to experience your work in action too. 
  • Equal Opportunity: The Kendrick Foundation operates without discrimination as to race, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, marital status, mental or physical disability, ancestry, religion, medical condition or any other basis in accordance with federal, state, and local laws. The Foundation will award grants only to organizations who also exhibit a commitment to non-discrimination. 

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Non-profit organizations impacting Morgan County are eligible to apply
    • We do approve grant applications from organizations whose headquarters are located outside the county, but only if those served by the proposed program reside within Morgan County.
  • Only 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations and organizations that are exempt from filing for a 501(c)(3) status (units of government, school corporations, and religious organizations) are eligible.
  • Organizations may submit multiple applications for different programs.


  • What We Do Not Fund
    • Individuals: Individuals wishing to apply must do so with the cooperation of a non-profit organization, and the organization must submit the application 
    • Organizations with outstanding grant reports due to the Foundation, unless prior extensions have been approved 
    • Programs that do not serve Morgan County citizens
    • Programs normally fully funded by units of local government
    • Projects to build or fund an endowment
    • Religious activities or programs that serve or appear to serve predominantly one denomination and not the community at large 
    • Political organizations or campaigns
    • National and state fund raising efforts which do not directly benefit local agencies or chapters 
    • Programs that could be considered discriminatory
    • Projects operated by for-profit companies