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Grant amount: Up to £200,000

Anticipated deadline: Sep 26, 2020 9:00am PDT

Applicant type: Postdoctoral Researcher Faculty Research Scientist Doctor

Funding uses: Research, Biomedical, Clinical Biomedical, Non-clinical Biomedical

Location of project: United Kingdom

Location of residency: United Kingdom

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Kidney Research UK is the leading charitable funder of kidney research in the UK. Since 1985, we have invested around £60million into research. We wish to support a wide range of research that will advance our understanding of kidney disease and its causes, and improve treatment and management.

Kidney Research UK and Kids Kidney Research both have long and distinguished histories in funding paediatric research to develop and improve the care and treatment of children with kidney disease. This new grants programme, dedicated to paediatric research, secures and consolidates ongoing investment in this area, with £500,000 available to support quality research projects and innovation grants. It is launched as Kidney Research UK and Kids Kidney Research are set to complete a merger.

Non-medical, medical, nursing, pharmacy and allied health professionals are invited to apply for either:
  • Paediatric Research Project grants
    • (up to £200k over three years maximum)
    • These awards are to support innovative, standalone research projects
  • Paediatric Innovation grants
    • (up to £40k over two years maximum)
    • These awards are to support new areas of clinical or science research where initial pilot/supporting data is required prior to an application for a full Research Project award.

Applications focusing on paediatric renal research covering one or more of the below will be welcomed:

Clinical research that focuses on:
  • the diagnosis, natural history, epidemiology or treatment of children who have diseases of the kidney or urinary tract;
  • the prenatal origins of childhood kidney or urinary tract diseases;
  • the impact on adult health of kidney or urinary tract diseases with an onset in childhood or the prenatal period.
Laboratory research that seeks to understand:
  • the causes of, and find new treatments for, childhood kidney and/or urinary tract diseases;
  • how the kidney and/or urinary tract normally forms, grows and matures before and after birth.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • All applicants must be resident in the United Kingdom and both the project and employment must also take place in a UK establishment.


  • Kids Kidney Research will not pay for travelling expenses, advertising for posts, secretarial work, stationery or contribution to general departmental overheads.
  • Kids Kidney Research will NOT consider applications from individuals for their own salaries or those of co-investigators.