Kinder Morgan Foundation Grant

Kinder Morgan Foundation

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Grant amount: US $5,000 - US $20,000

Next deadline: May 1, 2020

Later deadlines: Aug 1, 2020, Nov 1, 2020, Feb 1, 2021

Applicant type: Nonprofit

Funding uses: Capital Project, Project / Program, Education / Outreach

Location of project: Canada, Morgan County, Alabama, Pima County, Arizona, Counties in Arkansas: Hot Spring County, Mississippi County Show all

Location of residency: Canada, Morgan County, Alabama, Pima County, Arizona, Counties in Arkansas: Hot Spring County, Mississippi County Show all

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About this funder:



Kinder Morgan's Foundation

The Kinder Morgan Foundation believes that today's youth are tomorrow's leaders, and our mission is to provide them with opportunities to learn and grow. Our goal is to help today's science, math and music students become the engineers, educators and musicians who will support our diverse communities for many years to come. To accomplish this goal, we fund programs that promote the academic and artistic interests of young people in the many cities and towns across North America where Kinder Morgan operates.

The Kinder Morgan Foundation donates more than $1 million each year to youth programs.

Focus Areas

  • Academic programs, including tutoring 
  • Arts education programs

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Eligibility
    • We provide program support only. 
      • Libraries may apply for capital projects
    • Kinder Morgan must have operations in the community served by the program. 
    • The program must benefit youth in grades K-12 only.
    • Non profits, public schools and private schools may apply.
    • In the United States, non profits and private schools must have 501(c)(3) designation from the Internal Revenue Service.
      • (Not applicable to public schools.)
    • In Canada, non profits and private schools must provide documentation that enables us to determine that the organization is the equivalent of a U.S. public charity. 
      • (Not applicable to public schools.)


  • The following are not eligible for grants:
    • Individual applicants or individual pursuits 
    • Political causes, candidates or lobbying efforts 
    • Programs or organizations outside the United States or Canada 
    • Operating expenses 
    • Capital projects (except libraries) 
    • Projects of religious denominations 
    • Advertising 
    • Sponsorships 
    • Service clubs, fraternal organizations or third-party fundraisers 
    • Travel for individuals or groups 
    • Conventions, conferences, seminars or other special events 
    • Mentoring, leadership, stewardship or other social development programs 
    • Programs that include age groups outside our K-12 criteria 
  • We will not provide support more than once per calendar year to the same organization and we do not make multi-year commitments.