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Next deadline: Jun 1, 2021 (Letter of inquiry)

Later deadlines: Dec 1, 2021 (Letter of inquiry)

Grant amount: More than US $10,000

Fields of work: Vocational & Trade Education Education - Higher Education Summer Camps Education - Preschool / Early Learning Education - K through 12 Veterinary Science & Services Art & Culture Teacher Development & Training Soil Science Freshwater Conservation Parks & Public Spaces Environmental Stewardship Historic Preservation Animal Welfare - General Environmental Education Art Education After School /Summer Educational Programs Environmental Conservation Show all

Applicant type: Nonprofit

Funding uses: Education / Outreach, Project / Program, Conference

Location of project: Counties in Oklahoma: Canadian County, Cleveland County, Grady County, Kingfisher County, Lincoln County Show all

Location of residency: United States

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John and Eleanor Kirkpatrick created the Kirkpatrick Foundation in 1955 with a check for $10,000. Today, our mission is to support arts, culture, education, animal wellbeing, environmental conservation, and historic preservation, primarily in Central Oklahoma. The foundation gives $3 million annually in grants and charitable activities. 

Arts & Culture

John and Eleanor Kirkpatrick’s early investments in the arts and culture of Oklahoma City continue to live strong. Noteworthy arts and cultural organizations, large and small, contribute to the very fabric of a thriving, vibrant city. The key component of Kirkpatrick Foundation giving reflects tangible quality-of-life issues for the Oklahoma City metropolitan area. From theater and dance to museums, film festivals, and exhibits, we strive to support a variety of cultural and arts programs for all of central Oklahoma’s citizens and visitors to enjoy. 


Kirkpatrick Foundation has long supported education in Oklahoma City, making efforts to sustain the stakeholders of pre-K-12, university-level, and out-of-school programming. Kirkpatrick Foundation’s investment in the future of Oklahoma is made clear in our grants to educational programs that impact countless lives throughout the city. Whether arts programs in summer camps, or continuing education for teachers, our reach in Oklahoma’s educational environment is diverse and strong. 

Animal Wellbeing

From its earliest years, Kirkpatrick Foundation has been concerned with the wellbeing of animals. That concern has grown into a major commitment to ensure animals in Oklahoma are treated well wherever they live. Support has been provided for state-of-the-art veterinary equipment and supplies, medical care for search dogs and zoo animals, and emergency and disaster preparedness. The vision of Kirkpatrick Foundation is to make Oklahoma the safest and most humane place to be an animal by the year 2032. 

The Kirkpatrick Foundation has identified the following to be areas of acute or ongoing need (read more about them here): 

  • Community
  • Education & Outreach
  • Farm & Industry
  • Public Safety
  • Shelter Administration 
  • Socio-Economic Issues
  • Wildlife & Conservation

Environmental Conservation

The foundation has supported programs designed to build awareness about the natural environment including soil health and freshwater protection. Programs also supported have been for conservation education for teachers and landowners, strategies to protect fauna, and making natural habitats more accessible for all citizens. The health of every community is directly tied to the quality of the environment in which we live, and the foundation seeks to support efforts to ensure that quality.

Historic Preservation

Historic Preservation is an area of foundation interest that is a tradition of several generations. Foundation efforts have included partnerships that allowed Oklahoma nonprofit property owners to have feasibility studies done for sites of historic significance. These studies outline architectural improvements and detailed structural repairs and restoration strategies needed to maintain a historic designation. Conferences and workshops to educate the public on recognized standards of practice that preserve the history of Oklahoma’s built environment are also supported.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Grant proposals are considered only from eligible organizations who:
    • Currently qualify as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization according to the Internal Revenue Service Code
    • Serve Central Oklahoma, primarily the Oklahoma City metropolitan area, Oklahoma County and surrounding counties and communities
    • Maintain current financial records, providing a copy of the operational budget and a statement of financial position
    • Have a working board of directors, as well as management, governance, and accountability structures in place
    • Provide a list of board members and their affiliation
    • Demonstrate 100 percent board-member giving
    • Provide a three-year strategic plan
  • Organizations should have a three-year track record of programming


  • We do not fund: 
    • Individuals
    • Lobbying organizations
    • Medical and/or health-related causes
    • Social services
    • Athletic programs
    • Capital campaigns
    • Endowments
    • Multi-year projects
    • Indirect costs
    • Foundation fees
    • Financial deficits
    • Government entities
  • The foundation does not grant in perpetuity.
  • We discourage funding fiscal sponsorships of non 501(c)(3) organizations.

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