LIFE 2014-2020: Environment Sub-Programme - Traditional Projects - LIFE Environment & Resource Efficiency

European Union (EU)

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Grant amount: €500,000 - €5,000,000

Deadline: Feb 11, 2020 (Full proposal)

Applicant type: Organizations

Funding uses: Research, Project / Program

Location of project: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus Show all

Location of residency: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus Show all

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LIFE Environment and Resource Efficiency

These guidelines concern uniquely LIFE Environment and Resource Efficiency. LIFE Environment and Resource Efficiency aims specifically at contributing to the implementation, updating and development of European Union environmental policy and legislation, including the integration of the environment into other policies, thereby contributing to sustainable development. Furthermore, actions financed must have a European added value and be complementary to those actions that can be financed under other European Union funds during the period 2014-20.

The priority area Environment and Resource Efficiency focuses on:

  • developing, testing and demonstrating policy or management approaches, best practices and solutions to environmental challenges, and in support of resource efficienc-yrelated policy and legislation, including the Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe.
  • improving the knowledge base for the development, implementation, assessment, monitoring and evaluation of Union environmental policy and legislation, and for the assessment and monitoring of the factors, pressures and responses that impact on the environment within and outside the Union.

Annex III of the LIFE Regulation describes the thematic priorities for each of the following five sectors:

  • Thematic priorities for Water, including the marine environment
  • Thematic priorities for Waste
  • Thematic priorities for Resource Efficiency, including soil and forests, and green and circular economy
  • Thematic priorities for Environment and Health, including chemicals and noise
  • Thematic priorities for Air quality and emissions, including urban environment
LIFE Environment and Resource Efficiency support will be allocated to the best proposals in terms of innovative solutions for important environmental issues, leading to viable as well as qualitatively and quantitatively measurable concrete results. Proposals must be highly visible and technically and financially sound. They should incorporate the dissemination of knowledge. The demonstration character is particularly important; projects must be implemented on a technical scale that allows evaluation of technical and economic viability of large scale introduction. LIFE Environment and Resource Efficiency is not directed at research or at investment in existing technology. LIFE aims to bridge the gap between research, policy and development results and widespread implementation, and to improve innovative solutions. 

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