Betty Mayne Scientific Research Fund for Earth Sciences

The Linnean Society of New South Wales

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Grant amount: Up to A $2,500

Anticipated deadline: Mar 1, 2021

Applicant type: Graduate Student

Funding uses: Research

Location of project: Anywhere in the world

Location of residency: Australia

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The Betty Mayne Scientific Research Fund for Earth Sciences has been established to provide financial assistance to support short term original research projects in all aspects of geology, including (but not necessarily restricted to) the fields of regional geology, tectonics, structural geology, stratigraphy, sedimentology, geomorphology, palaeontology, biostratigraphy, igneous and metamorphic petrology, geochemistry, mineralogy, economic geology and meteoritics.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  •  Applications will be accepted from postgraduate students at recognised Australian Universities who are undertaking full-time or part-time higher degree studies with a geological emphasis.
  • Students enrolled in Honours degree courses at recognised Australian Universities, whether full- or part-time, may also be considered for an award.
  • Applications are also encouraged from amateur or professional geologists, whether in employment as such or not, who can demonstrate a level of achievement in original research in Earth Sciences, for example through a record of publications on the subject.
  • Projects proposed for support do not have to be restricted to Australian locations or specimens, but, given the Society's interests in the natural history of Australia, they must demonstrate a strong Australian context
  • Money must be used for research purposes, which may include the purchase of equipment, laboratory, photographic or other consumables, and fieldwork or travel within Australasia


  • Applicants need not be members of the Society, although all other things being equal, members will be given preference.


  • Requests for subsistence, travel to conferences, or thesis preparation expenses, will not be supported.
  •  A grant from this Fund cannot be held concurrently with one from the Joyce W. Vickery Scientific Research Fund.