MD Animal Waste Technology Grants

Maryland Department of Agriculture

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Grant amount: Unspecified amount

Anticipated deadline: Dec 28, 2019 1:00pm PST

Applicant type: For-Profit Business Government Entity Nonprofit Individuals

Funding uses: Applied Project / Program

Location of project: Maryland

Location of residency: Maryland

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Animal Waste Technology Grants

The Maryland Department of Agriculture is seeking to fund one or more projects demonstrating proven and innovative technologies that manage agricultural manure and on-farm generated waste in a manner that improves its utility as a fertilizer, changes its form or function for alternative uses, or produces energy or other marketable products. These technologies generate energy from animal manure, reduce on-farm waste streams, and repurpose manure by creating marketable fertilizer and other products and by-products. The project must reduce the movement of nitrogen and/or phosphorus that is associated with animal manure produced on Maryland farms to the surface waters of the State. 

The Animal Waste Technology Fund helps farmers address challenges in managing manure under Maryland's new nutrient management requirements. Alternative strategies for complying with these requirements may include altering the nutrient content of organic nutrient sources, using manure for energy generation, or developing new products that add value to improve farm viability.

The department also seeks funding to provide grants from other sources for technologies that improve manure management and address excess phosphorus. 


Up to $3 million will be granted. Approximately $1 million of this amount will be directed at renewable energy or related components of project (s). There is no maximum or minimum request. 

The Grantee is expected to perform all necessary work under the Grant Agreement within two years. Grantee is expected to:

  • Implement/install the proposed animal waste technology project within one year (Year One).
  • Operate the project and monitor its performance for at least a one-year period (Year Two).
  • At the sole discretion of the  Department, this two-year performance period may be extended for one additional year to address unforeseen delays that the Grantee has incurred in implementing the project. If the Department grants this extension, it will not be responsible for any additional costs that the Grantee incurs. 

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Who is Eligible:
    • Individuals, businesses and non-profits in good standing to do business in Maryland and State and local government entities. 
  • The proposed technology must have been previously implemented and be either commercially available or proven to function as described in the proposal. 
  • The technology must reduce the movement of nitrogen and/or phosphorus that is associated with animal manure produced on Maryland farms to the surface waters of the State. 
  • Proposed projects must be located in Maryland.
  • Proposals must include verification that a site has been secured for implementation of the technology. 
  • The applicant, including identified subcontractors, experts or partners, shall have at least three years experience with the proposed animal manure technology. 
  • See detailed qualifications here.


  • Technologies in the research and development stage are not eligible.