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Grant amount: Unspecified amount

Deadline: Rolling

Applicant type: Nonprofit

Funding uses: Education / Outreach, Training / Capacity Building, Project / Program, Capital Project

Location of project: Texas

Location of residency: Texas

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About this funder:



The Meadows Foundation exists to assist people and institutions of Texas improve the quality and circumstance of life for themselves and future generations.

What We Fund

Grants are made in five categories:

Arts and Culture

The need for arts and culture in our lives is part of the human experience that began with the first ancient figures etched on a rock face and the distant echoes of storytellers enthralling audiences with animated voices. Through fine arts, theater, music, dance, and literature, we stay connected to our heritage, give expression to our imagination, discover worlds beyond our own, and gain an appreciation for cultural diversity.

Civic and Public Affairs

The social fabric of communities is held strong through responsible leadership that balances the multitude of human needs in the areas of economic stability, public safety, community building, and environmental resources.

Through its grantmaking, The Meadows Foundation seeks to assist communities in developing leadership talent, promoting civic/public collaboration, and improving processes and infrastructures for delivery of services to all residents. It is also deeply committed to supporting environmental programs focused on preserving a sustainable supply of clean water, improving air quality, promoting sustainable energy, protecting the state's plants and wildlife through land and habitat conservation, and developing a culture of public and political support for protecting environmental resources.


The correlation between quality of education and quality of life is undeniable. Early reading, experiential learning, tutoring, and mentoring programs improve life-long study skills and academic achievements. Knowledge empowers choices that influence our social and family environment, health and mental well-being, career and income, home and neighborhood, and community and world view.


With more than one in four Texans uninsured, accessibility to healthcare is an ever-growing concern in our diverse urban and rural communities. Programs that provide prenatal care for expectant mothers, childhood immunizations and pediatric care, specialized care for the elderly, and overall assistance to help Texans lead healthier lives are needed to reduce the burden on our state's emergency and critical care systems.

Human Services

In communities across Texas, people faced with overwhelming challenges or times of personal or family crisis summon their courage to ask for help in making a positive change in their lives. To The Meadows Foundation, there is no greater testament to the American spirit of giving than the everyday heroes who are there to answer their call.


Within these categories of giving, there are currently three initiatives, each with an individual strategic plan:


Guiding Principles

  • Build on our strengths on what we have been doing as appropriate:
    • Encouraging ecotourism; and
    • Expanding park development.
  • Look for opportunities to leverage our dollars for maximum impact.
  • Provide a leadership role in the area of foundation support for the environment.
  • Identify partners with similar goals to participate in joint projects.
  • Look for opportunities to address the underlying causes of problems.

Program Focus

  • Preservation and restoration of native plant, fish, and wildlife species.
  • Responsible and efficient use of natural resources.
  • Ensure adequate water supply.
  • Promote stewardship of the environment.  
  • Create and distribute information for the general public and policy makers, and promote environmental advocacy.  

Grantmaking Strategy

  • Make grants on two levels:  those designed to have a statewide impact and those focused on regional and community needs.

Mental Health

Guiding Principles   

  • Build on our strengths and build on what we have been doing where appropriate:
    • support of mental health agencies;
    • mental health services to the homeless;
    • parenting education; and  
    • child abuse and violence prevention.
  • Look for opportunities to leverage our dollars for maximum impact.
  • Provide a leadership role in the area of foundation support for mental health.
  • Identify partners with similar goals to participate in joint projects.
  • Look for opportunities to address the underlying causes of problems.

Grantmaking Strategies

  • Make grants on two levels: those designed to have a statewide impact and those that focus on regional and community needs.
  • We will use our website, grant guidelines, and annual report to inform prospective grantees that we are  interested in funding projects in this area.
  • In addition to screening eligible proposals through the grant review process, we will be proactive in
  • identifying programs and projects that address the Foundation’s goals.

Public Education

Guiding Principles

  • Keep building on our strengths and on what we have been doing where appropriate; such as our earlier investment in:
    • Early childhood development;
    • Beginning reading;
    • Parenting education;
    • Family literacy; and
    • Teacher and principal preparation.
  • Invest in projects and programs that are research‐based and outcome driven.
  • Continue to expand inter‐foundation collaboration.    Identify public and private partners with similar goals to participate in joint projects.
  • Look for opportunities to address underlying root causes of problems.
  • Be sure that projects we support are reflective of the true needs of stakeholders.

Grantmaking Strategies  

  • We will make grants on two levels: those designed to have a statewide impact and those more specifically focused on regional and community needs.
  • We will be appropriately proactive in seeking grant partners and grantmaking opportunities.
  • We will screen in unsolicited grant opportunities as appropriate.
  • When possible and appropriate, the Foundation will seek opportunities to work with Dallas ISD in ways that meet the Foundation’s expressed Public Education goals.
  • The Foundation will also look for ways to reduce the dropout rate among Hispanic students within the overall goals and objectives of this plan. 

Grant Application Guidelines

While some emergency operating support and capital funding for agencies is being awarded, we are currently targeting our grants toward the greatest needs, including those within our three initiative areas: improving public education, increasing access to mental health services, and protecting the natural environment. We also seek to strengthen the capacity of the nonprofit sector, support efforts to reduce crime and recidivism, and fund projects that improve animal welfare and address the importance of the human-animal connection.

The Foundation provides grants throughout the state of Texas, but tries to allocate between one-third and one-half of its grant resources to organizations helping those in the Dallas area. Applications for specific programs or projects, capital projects, and less often, for general operations, are considered. The Foundation also considers program-related investment loans as part of its grantmaking activities. 

Applicants seeking funding for construction and renovations should review the Foundation's Green Building Guidelines.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Under the terms of its charter, The Meadows Foundation can distribute grants only to qualified public entities or 501(C)(3) charities.


  • The Foundation looks for one or more of the following conditions in an application:
    • Foundation support would be vital or catalytic to a proposed project's success
    • The project is well planned and the agency has the capacity to execute the plan
    • Financial support from other sources exists to ensure that the project will be implemented and continue after the grant period. It will expedite the review process if between one-third and one-half of the needed project funds have been secured before applying.


  • The Foundation does not lend or grant money to individuals.
  •  Endowment and scholarship grants are rare. 
  • In general, grants are not made for purposes of:
    • Church or seminary construction
    • Underwriting fundraising events
    • Annual fundraising drives
    • Professional conferences and symposia unless directly related to our initiative areas
    • Out-of-state travel expenses for performances or competition
    • Support of single artistic events or performances