Maryland Grain Producers Utilization Board (MGPUB)

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Grant amount: Unspecified amount

Deadline: Dec 1, 2019

Applicant type: Individuals Organizations

Funding uses: Research, Project / Program, Education / Outreach

Location of project: Maryland

Location of residency: Maryland

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About this funder:



The Maryland Grain Producers Utilization Board (MGPUB) seeks proposals from universities, organizations and individuals to help fulfil its mission to increase the profitability of Maryland grain production and to improve the public understanding of agriculture. The Maryland Grain Producers Utilization Board (MGPUB) was formed in 1991 to administer Maryland's Grain Checkoff Program. Checkoff funds can be used to promote greater utilization of grain through expanded promotion, research, education, information and other similar activities.

For 2017 funding, MGPUB will continue to support projects to help grain farmers remain profitable through production research and market development. Under continued pressure for agriculture to go beyond the current level of best management practices to improve water quality.

Priorities for Funding

  • Develop and evaluate production systems to enable farmers to achieve a 300 bu/acre corn yield to feed the expanding population. 
  • Assess what, if any, water quality benefits that can be credited to the use of genetically- modified corn and soybeans since farmers started using this technology in their crop production. 
  • Evaluate the differences in laboratories reporting tissue sampling results and create guidance/recommendations for grower interpretation of the values. 
  • Research nutrient uptake and resulting crop yields based on timing of application in concert with weather conditions, degree units, and other cover (cover crops) growing to determine optimal conditions for fall/winter nutrient applications. 
  • Investigate the benefit and efficiency of foliar application of nutrients on grain crops. 
  • Determining cost effectiveness of poultry litter in comparison to inorganic fertilizer, including the increased transportation cost, application cost, and incorporation cost. 
  •  Evaluate the release of nitrogen from cover crops and the availability to the next crop including timing and amount.
  • Examine soil phosphorus over time (20± years) to determine trends in phosphorus level. 
  •  Evaluate the economic, environmental and production impacts of allowing farmers to spread poultry litter to satisfy two-year crop needs for Phosphorus in a single application in a corn, wheat, soybean rotation to enable more affordable and practical application rates, reduced incorporation frequency with potential soil loss, etc.
  • Determining N use efficiency and/or N loss in a corn-soybean rotation when applying poultry litter at rotational P removal rates and then applying remaining N needs through enhanced N application technologies (Greenseeker™, PSNT) under irrigation. 
  • Determine production methods for effective and economically-viable ways for grain farmers to achieve the goal of continuous improvement in nutrient use efficiency. 
  • An assessment of the use of the fall nitrate test for small grains. 
  • Developing and evaluating strategies to reduce wildlife crop damage. 
  • Promote and market Maryland grains in the U.S. and abroad. 
  • Educate the general public, youth, environmental community and policy makers about agriculture.

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  • The Maryland Grain Producers Utilization Board (MGPUB) seeks proposals from universities, organizations and individuals.


  • MGPUB grants cannot be used to pay indirect costs.
  • No faxes or emails will be accepted.