Call For Proposal: Behavioral Health

Montana Healthcare Foundation

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Grant amount: US $10,000 - US $100,000

Next anticipated deadline: Oct 10, 2020

Later anticipated deadlines: Mar 16, 2021

Applicant type: Government Entity Nonprofit Indigenous Group

Funding uses: Training / Capacity Building, Education / Outreach, General Operating Expense, Project / Program

Location of project: Montana

Location of residency: Montana

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About this funder:



The Montana Healthcare Foundation (MHCF) makes grants to improve the health and well-being of all Montanans. We will consider proposals in three areas under this CFP:

Each organization may submit up to three distinct applications under this CFP.

NOTE: In addition to grants made under this CFP, many of our grants are offered by invitation only, within strategic initiatives under each focus area.

Call for Proposals: Behavioral Health

Under this CFP, we will support collaborative, systems-based solutions to behavioral health challenges in Montana. We emphasize programs that are likely to become financially self-supporting through third-party revenue (for example, billing insurance), and through creating new partnerships between organizations that address behavioral health prevention and treatment needs by using existing resources more efficiently and effectively.

Please note that we are currently accepting two types of grant proposals: competitive grants submitted under this CFP and invited grants submitted under our specific Behavioral Health Initiatives, which include:

If you are interested in applying for funding in one of these initiatives, please contact MHCF Senior Program Officer via email. 

If your project does not fit into one of the above initiatives, and you would like to apply for Behavioral Health grant funding under the competitive CFP, apply through the website. 

Project Examples

Please note that these are only examples. We will gladly consider funding other types of projects, provided they meet our basic selection criteria.

  • Strategic and business planning:
    • One-year planning grants that will result in a viable plan to fund and implement programming to address an important health issue.
  • Strengthening crisis continuum of care for mental illness and substance use disorders:
    • Projects that seek to align stakeholders, create new partnerships, and leverage other available sources of funding to enhance the region’s ability to provide a continuum of care for those in crisis.
  • Trauma-informed schools:
    • Proposals to improve educational, behavioral, and health outcomes for students through implementing trauma-informed educational practices and policies in schools, and programs to address childhood trauma in a self-sustaining way through, for example, implementing evidence-based programs such as the Good Behavior Game.
  • Partnerships with Criminal Justice:
    • Projects that will improve mental illness and SUD outcomes for justice-involved populations through, for example, addressing treatment needs and improving continuity of care for people during and after incarceration, and planning and implementing pre-trial diversion to treatment.


We are offering grants between $10,000 and $50,000 for projects implemented within a 12-month period and grants up to $100,000 for projects implemented within a 24-month period.

NOTE: For projects that are in the planning phase, we will only provide grants of up to $25,000 to support business and sustainability planning. For projects that already have strong sustainability and business plans, we are offering grants of up to $100,000 for project implementation.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • MHCF will only fund Montana-based organizations under this CFP. Montana-based organizations that are eligible to apply for funding include:
    • Tax-exempt organizations described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (excluding those classified as private foundations or any type III non-functionally integrated supporting organization under section 509(a) of the Code).
    • Tax-exempt educational institutions.
    • State, tribal, or local government agencies.
  • NOTE: Eligible applicants may use a portion of the budget to fund consultants that may not meet these eligibility criteria. Please refer to our Budget FAQ for more information.


  • We do not fund:
    • Individuals.
    • Capital campaigns.
    • Operating deficits or retirement of debt.
    • Construction projects, real estate, acquisitions, or endowments unless part of an MHCF-invited proposal.
    • Fundraising events.
    • Organizations that discriminate because of race, religion, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, age, or political orientation.
    • Lobbying as defined by the U.S. Internal Revenue Code (IRC), section 4945(d)(1).
    • Activities supporting political candidates or voter registration drives as defined in IRC section 4945(d)(2).
    • Large equipment purchases (for example: medical equipment, vans, etc.), where such purchases constitute a substantial portion of the grant budget.
    • Medical research or research lacking a direct, targeted, and practical benefit to Montanans’ health.
    • Organizations or foundations for redistribution of funds via sub-grants.
  • In addition, please note that MHCF funds may not be used in any way that might supplant government funding of existing programs.
  • Please do not apply for a grant over $25,000 if your project is currently in the planning phase.
  • Organizations whose projects were not accepted for funding in the first grant cycle may not re-apply with the same project in the second cycle.