Moore Foundation Grant

Blanche Davis Moore Foundation

Grant amount: Unspecified amount

Anticipated deadline: Jul 15, 2019

Applicant type: Nonprofit

Funding uses: Education / Outreach, Applied Project / Program

Location of project: Counties in Texas: Jim Wells County, Kleberg County, Nueces County, San Patricio County

Location of residency: Preferred: Texas Other eligible locations: United States

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The Blanche Davis Moore Foundation was established on April 7, 1993, for the purpose of enriching and improving the lives of children 18 and under.

The Mission of the Foundation is to assist in and/or create, equip or provide for the maintenance or expansion of Exempt Organizations or programs within Exempt Organizations which, to the extent deemed appropriate by the directors of the Foundation, operate in a manner that is consistent with historic Judeo-Christian principles, and consistent with protecting and enhancing the rights of private property, free enterprise and minimizing the role of government in the affairs of individuals.

The Allen Lovelace Moore and Blanche Davis Moore Foundation (which does business as The Blanche Davis Moore Foundation) was incorporated in 1993 as a Texas nonprofit corporation by virtue of the Last Will and Testament of Blanche Davis Moore, which called for the establishment of a charitable foundation from the assets of her estate to primarily benefit children under the age of 18 years of age in Nueces County and the immediately surrounding counties. The development by the executors of her estate of Mrs. Moore's farmland located along SPID (much of which today is known as Moore Plaza) led to the initial funding of the Foundation, which today contributes to more than 85 charities that benefit children of the Coastal Bend.

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  • Applications will be considered only from non-profit organizations that are currently recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as tax-exempt non-profit organizations that are public charities (in accordance with the provisions of the Tax Reform Act of 1969).
  • To be considered, the charity must be currently listed as a public charity that is "not a private foundation" by the IRS on its most current Cumulative List of 501(c) (3) organizations.
  • All grant funds must be used exclusively for the religious, educational, scientific, literary charitable purposes specified in the grant application. 


  • The Foundation prefers not to make grants to federal, state or municipal governments or any other tax-supported entity except for colleges or universities located in Nueces County and the four surrounding counties. 


  •  Grants will not normally be made to an organization whose national or regional headquarters is located outside of the State of Texas and which organization does not maintain a significant ongoing operation within the State of Texas, unless the funds requested are designated by the organization for use within Texas or for use outside the State of Texas to benefit children of Nueces County and the immediately surrounding counties. 
  • An application will not be considered if it might require special permission from the IRS to treat the Foundation's grant as an unusual grant so as to avoid the charity's loss of its "not a private foundation" status. 
  • The Foundation generally does not make grants to pay for operating deficits.
  • The Foundation does not make grants for political expenditures or for lobbying activities.  
  • The Foundation does not make grants to individuals for scholarships or other direct grants to individuals and prefer not to fund private schools.  
  • The Foundation prefers not to make grants to establish or fund endowments.  
  • The Foundation will not accept an application from nor will it make subsequent grants to any previous grant recipient that has not timely filed with the Foundation all status reports for all previous grants.
  • Lobbying of the individual members of the Foundation's Board of Directors by grant applicants is prohibited and may result in the rejection of a grant application. 

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