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Next predicted deadline: May 4, 2021 2:00pm PDT (Letter of inquiry)

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Grant amount: More than US $75,000

Fields of work: Health Disparities & Social Determinants of Health Life Skills Training & Rehabilitation Addiction & Substance Abuse Workforce Preparation & Job Readiness Tutoring & Mentoring Family Services Career/College Preparation Nutrition & Healthy Eating Food Access & Hunger Health Care Access & Delivery Maternal And Perinatal Health Child Care Services Parenting Counseling & Education Early Childhood Development Education - Preschool / Early Learning Hospice / End of Life Care Palliative Care Aging/Gerontology Dementia & Alzheimer’s Disease Social Isolation Senior Services Disability Care & Services English-As-A-Second-Language (ESL) Education Immigrant Services Military & Veterans Services Ex-offender Services Show all

Applicant type: Nonprofit

Funding uses: Project / Program

Location of project: New York

Location of residency: New York

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N‍‍OTE: Given the urgency of the situation, the deadline to submit a proposal for an emergency grant is 5:00 pm ET on Monday, May 4. The deadline to submit an LOI for consideration in the Statewide Grants program is 5:00 pm on Wednesday, June 3.

Covid19 Emergency Response Program

The Mother Cabrini Health Foundation announced today it is dedicating $50 million in  funding to support nonprofit organizations addressing the health-related needs of New Yorkers as a direct result of COVID-19. 

The Foundation will distribute the $50 million across New York State via Coronavirus Emergency Support  Grants to community-based emergency response funds, healthcare providers, Catholic Charities affiliates serving all faiths, and other organizational efforts. Grants will address the health and economic impact of those most affected by this pandemic, including elderly individuals and those with preexisting medical conditions. 

The initial round of emergency grants were by invitation, but it is possible for organizations to be considered for the next round of funding by submitting a letter of intent here by May 4. 

About Mother Cabrini Health Foundation

The Foundation grants up to $150 million annually to improve the health and well-being of vulnerable New Yorkers, bolster the health outcomes of diverse communities, eliminate barriers to care and bridge gaps in health services. It seeks to promote, sponsor, and support activities, programs, and initiatives that enhance access to affordable quality healthcare and healthcare-related services and address the unmet healthcare and healthcare related needs of communities across New York State, including, in each case, the social determinants of health, consistent with the ethical principles, tenets, and teachings of the Roman Catholic Faith. This Foundation will exist in perpetuity, helping generations of New Yorkers of all faiths or no faith at all.

Grantmaking Priorities

The Cabrini Foundation supports programs that integrate health and human services to address the social determinants of health with the goal of improving health outcomes. In 2019, the Cabrini Foundation will prioritize healthcare and human services provided to the following populations:

Low Income Individuals and Families

The overarching objective of the Cabrini Foundation is to improve the health and wellbeing of poor, disadvantaged and underserved New Yorkers. To help achieve this goal, we are seeking programs that serve low income individuals and families through initiatives such as:

  • Improving access to quality healthcare services and wrap around services by supporting integrated systems of care, mobile clinics, and healthcare workforce development.  
  • Increasing access to healthy, affordable foods by supporting food banks, food pantries, and mobile food markets directly in neighborhoods.
  • Developing nutrition programs to encourage healthy eating and improve access to safe, recreational spaces in low-income communities.
  • Supporting community centers, such as settlement houses that provide programming for community members. older adults;

Young children (0-3), Pregnant Women and New Moms

Infants, toddlers, new moms, and pregnant women can face a variety of challenges in New York households lacking appropriate financial and other resources. The Cabrini Foundation is committed to serving this population. We are seeking programs that accomplish the following types of initiatives: 

  • Promoting initiatives that enhance early learning and promote healthy brain development. 
  • Providing innovative ways to train and educate new and expectant parents about healthy childhood development.
  • Supporting case managers to work one-on-one with pregnant women, providing comprehensive prenatal, parenting and childbirth education classes.
  • Expand access to high-quality day-care facilities.

Youth and Young Adults

Youth and young adults sometimes struggle with transitioning to adulthood. Individuals in this population may have difficulty managing relationships with friends and family members or functioning appropriately in education and employment settings. The Cabrini Foundation is committed to serving youth and young adults of New York State. We are seeking programs that accomplish the following types of initiatives: 

  • Promoting parental support for vulnerable families, aligning child and parent’s needs.
  • Strengthening coordination and access to enhanced education, development, health, and family benefits and programs for vulnerable youth and families.
  • Provide early intervention help, such as mentoring and peer counseling for youth at risk, support job skills and education attainment, improving behavioral health, promoting recovery and rehabilitation, and creating opportunities for success. 

Older Adults

Aging comes with many challenges. Diminished physical ability, age discrimination and loss of independence are some of the common struggles encountered by this population. These challenges are often exacerbated by a lack of appropriate financial resources. Cabrini Foundation is committed to serving this population within New York State. We are seeking programs that accomplish the following types of initiatives: 

  • Targeting programs which address social isolation, such as community-based day-programs.
  • Expanding ride sharing programs for older adults for doctor appointments and errands.
  • Supporting programs for people suffering from age-related dementia and mental illness.
  • Targeting programs to provide home health services, alert systems and hearing aids in locations with concentrations of older persons (such as Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities).
  • Promoting the development and implementation of elder abuse prevention intervention programs.
  • Supporting programs that help older adults and their families with end of life issues and palliative care.

Persons with Special Needs

Special needs refer to any physical, emotional, cognitive, behavioral or other impairments that restrict an individual’s ability to function effectively (or at full capacity) in any aspect of life. Special needs are particularly challenging when present in households with severe financial limitations. The Cabrini Foundation is committed to serving this population in New York State. We are seeking programs that accomplish the following types of initiatives: 

  • Providing education and legal help to raise awareness of and provide access to the best care possible and access to benefits.
  • Providing services to parents/caretakers to empower the best support system and plan for when special needs children reach adulthood.
  • Offering direct services to support individuals with special needs, including mental health, health, dental, and other supportive services.
  • Developing supportive housing and communities for those with disabilities and provide onsite support for job training, counseling, and caregivers. 

Immigrants and Migrant Workers

‍Immigrants and Migrant Workers in New York face all kinds of challenges related to cultural and language barriers as well as poor living conditions. The Cabrini Foundation is committed to helping this population to assimilate more effectively in New York State. We are seeking programs that serve this population by accomplishing the following types of initiatives: 

  • Building the capacity of health systems to manage diverse communities by developing cultural competency, such as supporting interpreters, community health workers, targeted health services such as mobile health or dental clinics and skills training for healthcare professionals.
  • Providing English language education, job training, health education and community integration.
  • Providing safe housing and working conditions in communities that have high numbers of seasonal employees by outreach, mobile health and dental services, and/or onsite seasonal clinics.
  • Providing trainings and workshops for farm employers on improving working conditions, providing or connecting to health services, and obtaining legal documentation for migrant workers.
  • Enhancing access to healthcare and to legal services that navigate healthcare, housing, and immigration status issues.


‍Life after the military can present many challenges to veterans and their family members. The Cabrini Foundation is committed to serving the brave men and women of New York State who fought for our country. For this population, we are seeking programs that accomplish the following types of initiatives: 

  • Helping to coordinate benefits to help bring needed care to military families and support a successful transition to civilian life. 
  • Fostering peer to peer support and counseling. 
  • Providing confidential, integrated mental health services, including telemedicine or online services.
  • Helping veterans access education, employments, and timely legal services.

Formerly Incarcerated Individuals

‍There are numerous interconnected challenges that formerly incarcerated individuals face upon release that make their journey toward successful community reintegration extremely difficult. Lack of financial resources or a social network can make this process even more challenging. The Cabrini Foundation is committed to serving this population. We are seeking programs that accomplish the following types of initiatives: 

  • Aligning healthcare resources.
  • Assisting with access to safe and adequate housing.
  • Supporting College in Prison Programs that operate in New York State Prisons.
  • Helping people returning to the community from prison access higher education, vocational training or programs that help with obtaining jobs.
  • Training, certification and entrepreneurship programs for people returning to the community from prison, with an emphasis on industries and sectors that offer opportunity for formerly incarcerated individuals.

These examples are not meant to be all-inclusive, rather, the Cabrini Foundation encourages innovative and effective approaches that serve the priority populations.

Our Programs

The Cabrini Foundation has three grantmaking programs. Our programs provide grants to nonprofit organizations serving low-income individuals, families and communities in New York State.  

  • Our Statewide Grants Program is open to the public and focuses on identifying projects that best serve our annual grant priorities (see our 2020 priorities for more information).
    • Please note that the proposals funded under the Statewide Grants Program can provide services throughout the entire state of New York, or selected areas of New York.   
  • Our Regional Grants Program is designed to ensure proportionate regional funding for targeted, mission-aligned projects identified by the Cabrini Foundation.
    • Applications for this program are accepted on an Invitation-Only basis.   
  • Our Special Initiatives Grants Program seeks to fund innovative or impactful projects that help further the mission of the Cabrini Foundation.
    • Applications for this program are accepted on an Invitation-Only basis.
    • The Cabrini Foundation strongly encourages members of the public and organizations to submit ideas regarding initiatives to be funded under the Special Initiatives Grants Program. Instructions related to the process of submitting ideas to the Foundation will be provided soon. 

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • What We Fund
    • The Cabrini Foundation funds domestic section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization in good standing with the Internal Revenue Service and the State of New York.
      • Specifically, grants may only be made to a domestic public charity as described in Internal Revenue Code section 509(a)(1) or (2) or an exempt operating foundation as described in Internal Revenue Code section 4940(d)(2).
    • All grants must adhere to and comply with the ethical principles, tenets, and teachings of the Roman Catholic Faith, including but not limited to the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services published by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.
      • Applicant organizations are not required, however, to be affiliated with the Catholic Church to be eligible for grants.
    • Applicant organizations generally should reside in New York State, and primarily serve New York State residents.
    • Grants must benefit poor, disadvantaged, or underserved New York State residents.
    • Applicants should have an annual budget of $750,000 or more.
    • The Cabrini Foundation will generally consider grant proposals of $75,000 or greater.
    • Grants must be used exclusively for the specific program, activity or project approved by the Cabrini Foundation, which, in all cases, must be in furtherance of the Cabrini Foundation’s charitable purposes.
    • Applicant organizations must demonstrate that they exhibit sound financial management and governance practices and are capable of effectively carrying out the programs, activities or projects proposed to be funded.
    • Applicants must demonstrate their capacity to work with the populations to be served by the project.


  • The Cabrini Foundation plans to prioritize grant proposals that focus on providing direct services and programs.


  • What we do not fund
    • The Cabrini Foundation will not make grants to individuals.
    • The Cabrini Foundation will not make grants for any activities that involve carrying on propaganda or otherwise attempting to influence legislation (within the meaning of Section 4945(d)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code).
    • The Cabrini Foundation will not make grants in support of any activities that involve participating in, or intervening in (including the publishing or distributing of statements), any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for public office, influencing the outcome of any specific public election, or carrying on, directly or indirectly, any voter registration drive (within the meaning of Section 4945(d)(2) of the Internal Revenue Code).
    • The Cabrini Foundation will not make grants to support events, conferences, or fundraising activities.
    • The Cabrini Foundation does not plan to support capital grant programs, but may choose to do so on a limited, case-by-case basis.
    • The Cabrini Foundation will not award grant funds to supplant current government funding but grant funds may be used to augment services funded using government sources.
  • The Cabrini Foundation will not support any programs whose nature, purpose, and/or mission conflicts with or are contrary to the ethical principles, tenets, and teachings of the Roman Catholic Faith, including, but not limited to the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services published by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.


This page was last reviewed June 04, 2020 and last updated June 04, 2020