National Physical Science Consortium Graduate Fellowships

National Physical Science Consortium (NPSC)

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Grant amount: Up to US $120,000

Anticipated deadline: Dec 6, 2020

Applicant type: Graduate Student

Funding uses: Fellowship

Location of project: United States

Location of residency: United States

Location of citizenship: United States

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The National Physical Science Consortium is a partnership between government agencies and laboratories, industry, and higher education. 

NPSC's goal is to increase the number of American citizens with graduate degrees in the physical sciences and related engineering fields, emphasizing recruitment of a diverse applicant pool.

NPSC's member universities do not require fellows to pay tuition. Most government agency fellowships must cover all or part of a fellow's tuition. Partly as a result, the total cost of an NPSC fellowship to an NPSC partner is roughly half what it costs a government agency to provide its own fellowships.

Fellows are not required to work at their sponsor organization after graduation. 

The NPSC Graduate Fellowship is unique: 

  • open to all American citizens
  • lasting for up to 6 years
  • providing an annual $20,000 expense allowance, bringing total funding to as much as $120,000
  • covering full tuition and required fees
  • portable to 125 research universities
  • allowing a research or teaching assistantship
  • including one or two paid summer internships with the sponsor
  • providing a mentor from the sponsoring agency
  • establishing a lasting relationship with the sponsor.

By helping to provide a continuous source of scientists who are U. S. citizens, employers and universities can achieve diversity and balance in our nation's scientific community. In turn, NPSC can help today's promising young scientists — tomorrow's science leaders — to realize their dreams.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • This grant is open to all American citizens.
  • If you have interned, have been employed, or are employed by a government agency or laboratory, ask your mentor or research supervisor to nominate you directly for an NPSC fellowship.
    • Be aware though that in this case your nominator would have to be able to cover the fellowship stipend.