NWRA Research Grants

National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association

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Grant amount: Up to US $11,000

Anticipated deadline: Oct 1, 2020 (Pre proposal)

Applicant type: Individuals Organizations

Funding uses: Education / Outreach, Research

Location of project: North America

Location of residency: North America

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About this funder:



The National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association has research grants available in the field of wildlife rehabilitation, including wildlife medicine and wildlife education. 

Goals of the NWRA Grant Program:

  • Improve Animal Care
    • Identify new, and refine current, wildlife rehabilitation techniques (e.g., medical, nutritional, or caging techniques)
    • Develop and validate new wildlife treatments and diagnostics
  • Assess Wildlife Health
    • Investigate medical conditions that affect native wildlife
    • Compile biomedical health parameters of native wildlife species
    • Assess the impacts of medical treatments on wildlife
  • Develop New Technology for Wildlife Care in Captivity
    • Assess applicability of radio telemetry and other techniques to monitor survival of wildlife after release 
    • Develop hardware to improve wildlife rehabilitation
  • Develop New or Evaluate Current Techniques Used in Wildlife Education
    • Investigate the efficacy of current educational program techniques
    • Develop and evaluate new educational programs
    • Develop and evaluate new techniques for training or using educational animals

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Research done on species not found in North American must be applicable to those species or ecosystems that do occur in North America.
  • Similarly, any new drugs or techniques evaluated must be accessible in North America.