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Deadline: Sep 1, 2020 8:59pm PDT

Grant amount: Unspecified amount

Fields of work: Crisis Intervention Disaster Relief / Humanitarian Aid Basic Human Needs Poverty Alleviation & Services Family Services Youth Services

Applicant type: Nonprofit, Indigenous Group, Government Entity

Funding uses: Education / Outreach, General Operating Expense, Project / Program, Capital Project

Location of project: Maricopa County, Arizona, Counties in California: Orange County, Sacramento County, Denver County, Colorado, Alachua County, Florida Show all

Location of residency: Maricopa County, Arizona, Counties in California: Orange County, Sacramento County, Denver County, Colorado, Alachua County, Florida Show all

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About this funder:



The Nationwide Foundation’s mission

To improve the quality of life in communities in which a large number of Nationwide members, associates, partners and their families live and work.

Our giving history 

Since 2000, the Nationwide Foundation has committed more than $394 million to nonprofit organizations across the country that work to meet crucial needs in communities with a significant presence of Nationwide associates.

In 2006, the foundation pledged the largest gift in its history, granting $50 million to Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Over the last four years, the foundation gifted the hospital with an additional $40 million in grants to establish and support the Nationwide Foundation Pediatric Innovation Fund.

The Nationwide Foundation also helps associates, partners and retirees maximize the impact of their personal gifts by matching their contributions to our United Way campaign and to accredited higher-education institutions dollar for dollar.

Nationwide Foundation grants fall into three categories:

  • General operating support
  • Project and/or program support
  • Capital support (these grants are limited and considered on a case-by-case basis)

We make our funding decisions based on a four-tier giving structure we call our Community Impact Model.

Funding Priority Summary

Tier 1:  Emergency and basic needs

Aligned to our business, we're there to help in an emergency. We partner with organizations that provide life's necessities.

Tier 2: Crisis stabilization

Before a crisis happens or after one hits, we hold the safety net. We partner with organizations that provide resources to prevent crises or help pick up the pieces after one occurs.

Tier 3: Personal and family empowerment

We help at-risk youth and families in poverty situations who need tools and resources to advance their lives. We partner with organizations that assist individuals in becoming productive members of society.

Tier 4: Community enrichment

We understand the well-being of a community affects all who live in it. We partner with organizations that contribute to the overall quality of life in a community.

  • Please note that Tier 4 organizations, such as agriculture, arts and culture, civic and community, higher education/scholarships and health research organizations, are now by invitation only.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • The Nationwide Foundation accepts applications from nonprofits in the following communities. Emphasis is placed on Tier 1 and Tier 2 organizations in these communities:
    • Brea/Orange County, CA
    • Columbus (Metro), OH
    • Denver, CO
    • Des Moines, IA
    • Gainesville, FL
    • Harleysville, PA
    • Harrisburg, PA
    • Raleigh (Metro), NC
    • Sacramento, CA
    • San Antonio, TX
    • Scottsdale/Phoenix (Metro), AZ
    • Wausau, WI


  • We don’t fund the following:
    • Organizations that are not tax exempt under paragraph 501(C)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code 
    • Organizations that, in their constitution discriminate against a person or group on the basis of race, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, disability, genetic information, religion, national origin, ancestry, veteran status, marital status or any other characteristic protected by law
    • Veterans, labor, religious or fraternal groups (except when these groups provide needed services to the community at large)
    • Groups or organizations that will re-grant the foundation’s gifts to other organizations or individuals (except United Way)
    • Public or private primary or secondary schools
    • Athletic events or teams, bands and choirs
    • Individuals for any purpose
    • Lobbying activities
    • Fund-raising events such as walk-a-thons, telethons, and sponsorships
    • Debt-reduction or retirement campaigns
    • Endowment campaigns
    • Requests to support travel
  • As a general policy, because the foundation matches our associates’ United Way contributions dollar for dollar, organizations that receive support from United Way are ineligible to receive general operating support. But they may be considered for project and capital grants.
  • Also, we generally do not fund:
    • National organizations (unless the applicant is a local branch or chapter providing direct services)