No Child Left Inside Grant Program

Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office

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Grant amount: US $5,000 - US $75,000

Anticipated deadline: Nov 1, 2020

Applicant type: Nonprofit College / University Indigenous Group Government Entity

Funding uses: Education / Outreach, Project / Program

Location of project: Washington

Location of residency: Washington

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The Washington State Legislature created the No Child Left Inside grant program to provide under-served youth with quality opportunities to experience the natural world.

Grants are available for outdoor environmental, ecological, agricultural, or other natural resource-based education and recreation programs serving youth. Funding focuses on serving youth with the greatest needs and helping them improve their overall academic performance, self-esteem, personal responsibility, community involvement, personal health, and understanding of nature.

Typical Projects

  • Backpacking, camping, or hiking trips for disadvantaged youth
  • Canoeing, kayaking, or sailing camps
  • Outdoor environmental education
  • Fishing and hunting camps
  • Orienteering
  • Rock climbing adventures


Grants are awarded every other year. The Legislature provides funding from general tax dollars.

Grant Limits 

There are three funding categories for this grant program

  • Tier 1 Projects: $5,000-$25,000 for each project 
  • Tier 2 Projects: $5,000-$75,000 for each project
  • Tier 3 Projects: $75,000-$150,000 for each project

Match Details

There is no match requirement for Tier 1 projects.

A match of 25 percent is required for Tier 2 and Tier 3 projects. 

Applicants are strongly encouraged to provide matching resources to demonstrate a local commitment to the project and to make state funds available to more projects. To qualify, a match must be composed of elements that would be eligible in the No Child Left Inside program. Match may include the following: 

  • Appropriations and cash 
  • Donations of cash, materials, or the value of labor, equipment use, or services
  • Applicant’s labor, equipment use, and materials
  • Other grants

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Only organizations that benefit youth in Washington State may apply.
  • Who May Apply? 
    • Community-based programs in Washington
    • Formal school programs
    • Informal after school programs
    • Local agencies
    • Native American tribes
    • Nonprofit organizations
    • Private entities including individuals and businesses
    • Special purpose districts, such as park and recreation districts
    • Veteran organizations
  • Eligible Programs - Outdoor education and recreation programs including the following: 
    • Backpacking 
    • Camping
    • Canoeing and kayaking
    • Environmental outdoor education
    • Fishing
    • Hiking
    • Hunting
    • Orienteering
    • Outdoor cooking
    • Rock climbing


  • Ineligible Projects
    • Annual community festivals, expositions, promotional or fundraising events
    • Facility construction projects
    • Organized team sports such as soccer, baseball, and basketball
    • Teacher training programs that do not include hands-on student participation