Nonpoint Source Pollution (NPS) Control Grant Program - Clean Water Act section 319(h) & Timber Regulation and Forest Restoration Fund

California State Water Resources Control Board

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Grant amount: US $250,000 - US $800,000

Anticipated deadline: Dec 17, 2020 5:00pm PST

Applicant type: Government Entity Nonprofit

Funding uses: Project / Program

Location of project: California

Location of residency: California

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The NPS Program administers grant money it receives from United States Environmental Protection Agency through Section 319(h) of the Federal Clean Water Act and from the state Timber Regulation and Forest Restoration Fund. These grant funds can be used to implement projects or programs that will help to reduce NPS pollution. Projects that qualify for funding must be conducted within the state's NPS priority watersheds. Project proposals that address Total Maximum Daily Load implementation and those that address problems in impaired waters are favored in the selection process. In addition, the NPS Grant Program funds projects that implement forest management measures on forest lands to improve water quality. There is also a focus on implementing management activities that lead to reduction and/or prevention of pollutants that threaten or impair surface and ground waters 

General Information

The 2020 Nonpoint Source (NPS) Grant Program supports projects that install treatments or management practices to reduce and mitigate the effects of nonpoint source pollutants, such as sediment, pesticides, and nutrients, to waters of the state. 

Two funding sources support the 2020 NPS Grant Program – a U.S. EPA Clean Water Act (CWA) section 319 grant (CWA 319 grant) to the State Water Board and Timber Regulation and Forest Restoration Funds (Timber Funds) appropriated to the State Water Board by the California Legislature. Execution of subawards is contingent on receipt of funds from U.S. EPA and in the California Budget Act. For fiscal year 2020- 2021, staff anticipates $4,000,000 from the CWA 319 grant and $1,000,000 from the Timber Funds for subawards. The State Water Board considered the Human Right to Water while establishing the criteria in these Guidelines. 

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