North American Partnership for Environmental Community Action (NAPECA) Grants Program

Commission for Environmental Cooperation

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Grant amount: Up to US $53,000

Next anticipated deadline: Sep 22, 2019 2:00pm PDT

Later anticipated deadlines: Sep 22, 2021 2:00pm PDT

Applicant type: Indigenous Group Nonprofit

Funding uses: Education / Outreach, Applied Project / Program, Training / Capacity Building

Location of project: Canada, Mexico, United States

Location of residency: Canada, Mexico, United States

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Call for Proposals: “Innovation and Partnerships for Green Growth”

The Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) is accepting applications for projects to fund under the North American Partnership for Environmental Community Action (NAPECA)

What is NAPECA?

In 2009, the CEC Council set forth an ambitious agenda to change the policy direction for the CEC. It recognized that addressing environmental problems across North America can be more successful by partnering and engaging with stakeholders and the public in all three countries and by promoting a sense of shared responsibility and stewardship for the environment. The Parties intend to encourage innovation and flexibility and promote model environmental initiatives that will help build long-term partnerships to improve environmental conditions at the community, indigenous, local and regional levels. With this in mind, in 2010 the Council directed the CEC to establish a grant program, the North American Partnership for Environmental Community Action (NAPECA), to build partnerships at the community level. Under CEC’s Strategic Priority Sustainable Communities and Ecosystems, the CEC Council is calling for: community initiatives focusing on Innovation and Partnerships for Green Growth to advance environmentally responsible economic development while decreasing pressure on natural resources and promoting more sustainable patterns of production and consumption.

NAPECA grant selection criteria have been established to ensure that these projects deliver tangible results.

NAPECA grant selection criteria

The NAPECA grant process is designed to support projects that:

  • Focus on “Innovation and Partnerships for Green Growth” to advance environmentally responsible economic development while decreasing pressure on natural resources and promoting more sustainable patterns of production and consumption;
  • Include a sound implementation plan that identifies actors, actions, beneficiaries, goals, measurable objectives and results;
  • Achieve measurable positive results for the environment at the community level within the timeframe of NAPECA support;
  • Can be replicated in other regions or communities;
  • Create formal or informal partnerships or linkages at the state, local or indigenous community level within the North American region;
  • Leverage or demonstrate opportunity to leverage other resources to achieve greater impact, replicability and sustainability of the project and its results; and
  • Are presented on time and through the established process.

Project types can include, but are not limited to, building capacity, pilot projects, transfer of innovative technologies, conducting outreach or education, sharing best practices, training environmental leaders, engaging youth on environmental activities, reducing risks to the environment, and many other types of non-regulatory efforts.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • The NAPECA program seeks to support efforts at the grassroots level.
    • The objective is to empower and build the capacity of local people and organizations to improve their health and environmental quality.
  • Eligible applicants include nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), environmental groups, community-based associations, academic institutions, tribal nations, and indigenous peoples and communities.
  • Grantees must be located in Canada, Mexico, or the United States.


  • priority will be given to action-driven projects with dynamic community involvement, implemented by local groups or organizations


  • NAPECA does not support businesses, private individuals, municipal, provincial/state, territorial and federal governments.
    • However, proposals from qualified organizations partnering with the private sector or local  government are eligible.
  • Additionally, NAPECA will not support potential applicants who are currently receiving or applying for funding from Environment Canada for their proposed projects.
  • The CEC cannot accept applications from an applicant who is or whose immediate family member(s) (“Immediate family” includes spouses, parents, siblings and children) is/are:
    • An official of a NAAEC Party (i.e., the Government of Canada, the Government of the United States of America, or the Government of the United Mexican States), or who served in that position within the past year;
    • An official of the CEC Secretariat or who served in that position within the past year;
    • A present or past member (within the past year) of the CEC Joint Public Advisory Committee (JPAC); or
    • Apresent or past member (within the past year) of the domestic advisory committees.
  • The following projects and activities are not eligible for funding:
    • Activities for which the local, state/provincial or federal government is responsible (e.g., construction of roads, bridges, sewage treatment plants);
    • Purchase of motor vehicles, property, land;
    • Renovations;
    • Pursuing legal action;
    • Projects dedicated exclusively to planning;
    • Projects meant only to beautify an area;
    • Lobbying or advocacy;
    • Annual or regular organizational events/campaigns;
    • Expenses to attend general conferences; and
    • Projects implemented outside the territory of the three NAAEC member countries.