Northeast SARE: Research and Education Grants

Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education

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Grant amount: US $50,000 - US $200,000

Next deadline: Oct 29, 2019 2:00pm PDT (Full proposal)

Later deadlines: Jun 25, 2020 2:00pm PDT (Pre proposal)

Applicant type: Nonprofit College / University Individuals

Funding uses: Education / Outreach, Research

Location of project: Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts Show all

Location of residency: Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts Show all

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This grant program funds projects that result in farmers gaining knowledge and skills they can apply to make verifiable changes that lead to greater sustainability. Projects may be submitted with or without an applied research component, but all projects must have an outcome-based education program for farmers. The maximum project length is four years. 

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • There is no requirement that applicants have a specific affiliation, but they must have the institutional connections and support needed to carry out their project.
  • Typically, proposals come from university and extension staff, the agricultural nonprofit sector, and people who work on research farms and experiment stations, but proposals from private consultants or agriculture related businesses will be considered.
  • Applicants must have the skills needed to oversee and carry out their proposed project
    • be credible and experienced in the science of agriculture and agricultural sustainability
    • understand the importance of profitability, good stewardship, and quality of life for farmers and farm communities
    • demonstrate a firm grasp of current opportunities and concerns in sustainable agriculture
  • Applicants whose project includes a research component should have experience doing agricultural research, preferably research in cooperation with commercial farmers. 
  • There is a limit of two preproposals per applicant, and only one preproposal per applicant will be approved.