NSF Boosting Research Ideas for Transformative and Equitable Advances in Engineering (348225)

National Science Foundation (NSF)

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Deadline: The deadline for this grant has passed

Grant amount: Up to US $10,000,000

Fields of work: Engineering Civil Engineering Mechanical Engineering Manufacturing Engineering

Applicant type: Nonprofit, College / University

Funding uses: Research

Location of project: United States

Location of residency: United States


NOTE: All applications are due by 5:00 PM local time of applicant organization. 

The National Science Foundation’s strategic goals are to expand knowledge and build capacity for a diverse science and engineering workforce [1], consistent with NSF’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in all science and engineering fields and research endeavors, as well as with US Government priorities [2,3].

This solicitation seeks proposals that enable experienced researchers with active research programs to take risks not typically associated with proposals submitted to core programs by pivoting to research areas where they have no proven track record, gaining knowledge from a different discipline and using it to forge new directions in their research field, or exploring divergent, bold, and ambitious research ideas where the expected scientific outcomes are highly uncertain and the potential to transform a field is significant, or experienced researchers with a hiatus in research activity to reestablish a foundation for sustained research productivity and broader impacts [4-10]. It is grounded in the expectation that leveraging prior science and engineering outcomes, harnessing talent from the broad scientific research community, enabling time for reflection and deliberation, including by learning new skills and through immersion in new areas, and supporting intellectual risk taking will lead to scientific and technological innovation.

All BRITE proposals are expected to address fundamental research that creates new knowledge in one or more program areas of the Division of Civil, Mechanical and Manufacturing Innovation (CMMI).BRITE proposals must identify key research outcomes and describe the research plans for the period of funding sought. Although collaborative proposals are not permitted and will be returned without review, the PI can include a collaborator as senior personnel.The role of such senior personnel should be limited to reflect the intended investment in the PI. 

The solicitation includes three funding tracks in support of experienced scientists and engineers (tenured or equivalent): Pivot, Relaunch, and Fellow.

  • The BRITE Pivot Track is intended to enable researchers to quickly adapt to the fast-moving pace of research by either leveraging their experience when pursuing a pivot into a field of research where they have no proven track record, or by incorporating research tools and methodologies from other fields of research to advance knowledge in their areas of expertise.
  • The BRITE Relaunch Track is intended to enable researchers who have had a hiatus in research activity to relaunch back into active
  • research by reestablishing a foundation for sustained productivity and broader impacts in the context of a research idea with significant potential for advancing knowledge.
  • The BRITE Fellow Track is intended to support researchers who have demonstrated significant impact through and beyond scientific output to request extended time and freedom to use their intellectual creativity to explore divergent, bold, and ambitious research ideas where the expected scientific outcomes are highly uncertain and, therefore, high risk.

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National Science Foundation (NSF)

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