NV Landscape Scale Restoration (LSR) Grants

Nevada Division of Forestry

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Grant amount: US $205,000 - US $292,000

Next deadline: Mar 1, 2020 (Pre proposal)

Later deadlines: Jul 19, 2020 (Full proposal)

Applicant type: Indigenous Group For-Profit Business Government Entity College / University Nonprofit

Funding uses: Education / Outreach, Project / Program

Location of project: Nevada

Location of residency: Nevada

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NDF seeks Landscape Scale Restoration (LSR) projects that address local or statewide forest and rangeland resource issues, along with goals and strategies in Nevada’s Forest Action Plan (FAP). Projects must address significant issues, landscapes of concern, and focus on conserving working forests and rangelands, protecting forests and rangelands from harm, and/or enhancing public benefits from trees, forests and rangelands. 

Innovative projects are sought that integrate various programs (e.g., Forest Health, Urban & Community Forestry, Stewardship, Fire, etc.) and partners, and cross any combination of ownership, management or jurisdictional boundaries. Cross-boundary projects are encouraged as they expand project outcomes at watershed, regional and state levels. For example, within a watershed or Priority Landscape Area, multiple landowners and organizations might work together to do any combination of the following: 

  • Assess needs and develop plans (e.g., Landscape Scale or landowner Forest and Range Stewardship Plans, and watershed action plans, identify appropriate tree seed sources for various climate scenarios) 
  • Conduct actions or treatments on a landscape scale to increase and maintain vegetation diversity and resilience over time. This includes actively managing urban and rural forests and rangelands for goods and ecosystem services. (e.g. treatments to improve and/or restore forest and rangeland health, recreational opportunities, water resources, riparian areas, wildlife habitat; reduce wildfire, noxious weeds, development pressure and impacts from undesignated recreation) 
  • Address community health benefits from trees, forests or rangelands or issues such as stormwater, air quality, energy use, or invasive species 
  • Provide education and outreach to train landowners or organizations.(e.g., workshops, statewide surveys to assess landowner attitudes and/or targeted marketing to increase statewide forest landowner participation)

All projects should include an outreach or educational component that increases a relevant audiences’ understanding about the issue(s) being addressed through the project work. 

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Eligible applicants:
    • State and local agencies, tribes, non-profit organizations, companies, landowners, and educational institutions.
  • Project Purpose & Location
    • LSR should address local or statewide forest or rangeland resource issues, and broad goals and strategies in Nevada’s Forest Action Plan (State Wide Forest Resource Assessment) within the project’s priority landscape area.
  • Eligible Lands:
    • While project work can occur on all lands, grant funds can only be used for activities on non-federal lands.
    • Project coordination with the USDA Forest Service and other public land management agencies is encouraged.


  • To be competitive, projects must show partner leverage. 


  • Ineligible activities:
    • Work on federal land, research and any construction activities are not eligible for grant funding.
      • Construction includes new or improved structures, roads, bridges and culverts, even if in connection to a thinning or restoration project.
      • If these activities are part of the overall project, they can be used as project leverage.