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2018 Special Projects Fund

NYS Health Foundation

Grant amount: US $6,500 - US $300,000

Deadline: The deadline for this grant has passed

Applicant type: Nonprofit For-Profit Business

Funding uses: Education / Outreach, Applied Project / Program

Location of project: New York

Location of residency: New York


 About the Foundation

The New York State Health Foundation (NYSHealth) has a broad mission to improve the health of all New Yorkers, especially the most vulnerable. To achieve meaningful impact, the Foundation makes grants, informs health care policy and practice, and spreads effective programs that work to improve New York’s health system.


Most of NYSHealth’s efforts are concentrated on two priority areas: (1) Building Healthy Communities and (2) Empowering Health Care Consumers. NYSHealth also has a focus on Veterans’ Health. To ensure that we can also be flexible and responsive to other important opportunities, the Special Projects Fund supports projects that fit our mission but that are outside of our main priority and focus areas. Proposals that address any of our priority and focus areas as outlined above will NOT be accepted for consideration under the Special Projects Fund.

All projects must have an impact on New Yorkers either at a local, regional, or statewide level. Special Projects Fund awards should be considered one-time, nonrenewable funding opportunities. Only in exceptional circumstances would NYSHealth consider making an additional grant for a project that has been previously funded.

Special Projects Fund grants are highly competitive. In past years, our resources have allowed us to support only 5% of the proposals that we receive. 

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Projects are coordinated interventions over a specified period of time to achieve measurable results.
  • Although projects that have impact within one organization or community are eligible, this RFP places emphasis on initiatives that have a large-scale regional or statewide impact on New York State’s health system.
  • NYSHealth will consider proposals from existing nonprofit (501[c][3]) and for-profit organizations with a significant ability to impact New York State.
  • Applicant organizations must show that proposed projects further NYSHealth’s mission.
  • Projects Eligible for Funding Should Include:
    • A clear articulation of need and a focus on vulnerable populations.
    • A clear articulation of opportunity, goals, timelines, objectives, and measurable outcomes.
    • An effective plan for evaluating the measurable impact of the project based on the potential funding to be received.
    • The experience, potential, and readiness of the applicant organization to complete the project successfully.
    • A demonstration of how the project will be financially and programmatically sustainable after one-time grant support from NYSHealth (particularly relevant for projects that start new services). It is important to explain the business plan for sustaining the project.
    • Strong potential for replication elsewhere in New York State or nationally.
    • Information on how and why the initiative represents a special opportunity for NYSHealth funding.
    • A degree of creativity or innovation.


  •  Proposals that address any of our priority and focus areas as outlined above will NOT be accepted for consideration under the Special Projects Fund.
  • Projects Not Eligible for Funding:
    • Projects that address any of our priority or focus areas:
      • Building Healthy Communities,
      • Empowering Health Care Consumers, and
      • Veterans’ Health.
    • Projects that involve funding of ongoing services or activities similar to the normal activities undertaken by an organization.
    • Core support/organizational infrastructure. Core support includes baseline operating and administrative costs, board development, staff development unrelated to the project, and fundraising activities.
    • Projects that involve the purchase, installation, or upgrade of health information technology systems, including electronic medical records and other equipment.
    • Projects that are biomedical research-oriented.
    • Projects that focus on lobbying.
    • Capital expenses (e.g., buildings, vehicles, rent).

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