Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Program

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Grant amount: Unspecified amount

Anticipated deadline: Dec 2, 2020 4:00pm PST

Applicant type: Government Entity Nonprofit College / University

Funding uses: Education / Outreach, Project / Program

Location of project: Colorado

Location of residency: Colorado

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The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Division’s (CPW) Trails Program, a statewide program within CPW, administers grants for trail-related projects on an annual basis. Local, county, and state governments, federal agencies, special recreation districts, and non-profit organizations with ​management responsibilities over public lands may apply for and are eligible to receive non-motorized and motorized trail grants.

The OHV Program seeks to improve and enhance motorized recreation opportunities in Colorado while promoting safe, responsible use of OHVs. The grant program combines OHV registration and permit fees with federal Recreation Trails Funds (RTP) to fund the annual OHV trail grant process. OHV Grants are available for projects related to recreational use of Off-Highway Vehicles (OHVs) on lands open to the public.​​

Good Management OHV Grants

Colorado’s Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Good Management Program emphasizes on-the-ground operations and maintenance of OHV trails and support facilities for areas that offer unique OHV riding opportunities or areas that support a high volume OHV recreationist and activities. Good Management trail crews must take a holistic management approach that provides opportunities in protecting sensitive areas and resources and preserving quality riding opportunities. The Off-Highway Vehicle trails program provides annual funding to support the work of Good Management Trail Crews throughout Colorado. These funds provide maintenance and reconstruction of trails, trail heads, parking and support facilities, reconstruction, monitoring, signing, education and ethics programs, planning and field presence for visitor contacts and compliance. In addition grant funds shall be used from time to time to acquire, repair or restore equipment needed by these crews to complete the work described. 

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Programmatic (competitive) OHV Project Grants

OHV programmatic or competitive project grants address the full spectrum of OHV recreation support needs in Colorado. Eligible grant funded activities include:​

  • ​Construction, reconstruction or maintenance of OHV routes or multi-use trails that allow for motorized use​
  • Crossing structures, bridges, railings, ramps, and fencing
  • ​Bank stabilization and retaining structures
  • OHV trail corridor re-vegetation and erosion control​
  • ​Trailhead development and/or support facilities related to OHV or multi-use trails including parking areas, restrooms, and related facilities
  • Project Materials, Tools and Supplies​
  • Equipment needed to build or maintain OHV trails
  • Fleet vehicle(s) for trail crew members - fixed and variable expenses, fuel and fluids. ​
  • Normal maintenance and repairs on trail machines (trail bikes, ATV’s) and equipment (dozers, chainsaws, generators, etc.), fuel and fluids.
  • Signs - directional, regulatory, and interpretive signage for OHV routes
  • Printing - maps/guides, safety and educational materials Programs, publications and videos on safety and OHV recreation
  • OHV trail or system planning, engineering, or design
  • ​Land acquisition or easement projects. NEPA review and environmental compliance work required under NEPA or other statutes​
  • Restoration of closed trails or damaged areas where a nexus exists between OHV misuse and needed repairs
  • Salary, compensation and benefits for crew members or project employees​
  • Employment-required immunizations, background checks​
  • Law enforcement wages for enforcing State OHV Law (CRS 33-14.5)
  • OHV Education and safety programs
  • Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance required for OHV projects.
  • Insurance coverage for physical damage and theft on equipment purchased with OHV funding that ​is valued at over $10,000​

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Federal, state, local government agencies and non-profit OHV project sponsors are eligible to apply for grants of up to 100% of project cost. 
  • Please reference the list for some examples of eligible project components and expenses.
    • These lists are not all-inclusive. For questions regarding eligibility, please contact State Trails OHV staff.
  • Projects eligible for Off-Highway Vehicle grant funding must also be consistent with Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Colorado Revised Statutes, Title 33, Article 14.5, Section 106, and State Trails Program policy.
  • Eligibility Requirements for CPW’s Good Management Program: 
    • Good Management Program minimum eligibility requirements include - but are not limited to the following:
      • Grant sponsors must have a history of at least three (3) previously successful trail crew grants from initiation to final closeout
      • Must be in a project area identified as “an important OHV area” in Colorado where there is a significant concentration of motorized recreation
      • Ability to manage and execute a good quality program through the use of a trail crew
      • Must provide good management, clear direction and adequate opportunities for motorized recreation, limiting problems and resource damage
      • Must provide Daily Trail Crew Logs each month


  • Please reference the list for some examples of ineligible project components and expenses.
    • These lists are not all-inclusive. For questions regarding eligibility, please contact State Trails OHV staff.