OH Conservation Club Competitive Partnership Grant

Ohio Department of Natural Resources

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Anticipated deadline: Mar 15, 2021 8:59pm PDT

Grant amount: Up to US $15,000

Fields of work: Sport Shooting Sport Fishing

Applicant type: Government Entity, Nonprofit

Funding uses: Education / Outreach, Project / Program

Location of project: Ohio

Location of residency: Ohio

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What is the wildlife conservation club Competitive partnership grant program?

The Ohio Division of Wildlife offers the Wildlife Conservation Club Competitive Partnership Grant to local conservation clubs and organized non-profit organizations to promote outdoor skills such as fishing, hunting, trapping, archery and shooting sports. This competitive grant is designed to provide funding for activities for the sponsoring organization, and/or to fund existing programs, and on-going funding for newly established programs or activities. This application is designed to facilitate the application process and to make the agreements easily accessible to all interested organizations.

Participation by youth or individuals unfamiliar with wildlife related recreation is emphasized. Projects focusing on public access to property or facilities, education and informing youth in safe participation in wildlife related activities, developing long term mentorship programs in fishing, hunting and shooting sports education are encouraged.

Suggested Activities for Funding

  • A hunting, shooting, or fishing recruitment module as provided by the Division;
  • Family Fishing Days (fishing and aquatic education activities);
  • Outdoor Skills Days (shooting and fishing activities);
  • Shooting Skills Days (rifle, shotgun, muzzleloaders, archery shooting);
  • Beginning Trapping Skills Days (hands-on trapping activities);
  • Hunter Education Classes:
    • Live fire activities are eligible, but they must be held after the hunter education class and in accordance with Policy #9 of the Hunter Education Instructor Manual;
  • Advanced Hunting Clinics (species specific to include hands-on participation);
  • National Hunting and Fishing Day Activities;
  • Free Fishing Days Activities and Celebration;
  • National Fishing Week Activities; and
  • Development of mentorship programs that teach the public how to hunt, fish and shoot.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Who is eligible to apply for the grant?
    • County conservation clubs, organized not-for-profit, regional/state conservation organizations whose constitution and bylaws state that conservation functions and the promotion of fishing, hunting, trapping & shooting sports education are the principal purposes of the organization. 
    • In addition, the organization must meet two of the three following criteria: 
      • The conservation clubs must have been in existence and active for not less than 2 years prior to applying for a sponsorship agreement. 
      • The conservation club must have active memberships of at least 25 (documented) and conduct not less than four meetings annually. 
      • The conservation club owns or leases land located in the State of Ohio.
        • The lands must be used primarily for fishing, hunting, shooting sports education or other wildlife-related outdoor recreation.
  • What grant funds can be used for:
    • Provide equipment/supplies for local schools for NASP, 4-H shooting sports or local SCTP programs.
      • Note: NASP schools can receive $3,000 each to cover the cost of an archery kit to carry out NASP training. 
    • Trapping supplies for Youth Trapping Workshops;
    • Insurance for events/activities;
    • Food/refreshments/picnic supplies for participants necessary to carry out the proposed event/activity;
    • Ammunition, Shooting Supplies, Targets, and Clay Targets, Trap Throwers, Fire arms, bows (shooting sports equipment that will be used to provide shooting opportunity by the club for on-going programs for the public).
      • Any equipment purchased must remain on the club/organizations inventory & maintained until the end of its useful life.
      • These items must be available for inspection upon request by the ODNR, Division of Wildlife, State and/or Federal Auditors.
      • Failure to comply will result in forfeiture of equipment and unused grant funds. 
    • Live Bait and Terminal Fishing Tackle, fishing equipment, (fishing & aquatic education equipment that will be used to provide angler or aquatic education by the club for on-going programs for the public).
    • Advertisement flyers and brochures for the Scheduled Event;
      • ODNR- Division of Wildlife & Wildlife Sport Fish Restoration Logos must appear on all advertisement flyers or brochures for the event/ activity.
      • Logos are available by contacting the ODNR-Division of Wildlife Central Office.
    • Special Population Supplies and Services (interpreters, adaptive equipment);
    • Developing a mentored or learn to hunt program;
    • Stocking fish for youth fishing events/activities;
    • Stocking Pheasants for youth outdoor hunting events/ activities.
      • Note: Events must directly affect the participant’s knowledge, skills and abilities of hunter education and there must be an educational hands-on element. 
    • Sponsorship or tuition for individuals or groups to attend outdoor education camps that focus on hunter education, shooting sports education or aquatic education.
  • All activities supported by the Division of Wildlife must be open to all citizens regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, age, mobility, visual disabilities, or learning disabilities.
  • Organizations can apply once annually.
    • An organization may apply for 10 projects at one time.
    • The club sponsorship grants are competitive in nature and are awarded based on a scoring system evaluating the expected benefit to Ohio’s sportsmen and women.


  • Private individuals are not eligible for this grant.
  • Grant cannot be used for:
    • Personnel & other overhead costs for the club or its members;
    • Construction or shooting range upgrades & maintenance;
    • Donations to outside organizations that are not directly linked to training the public in hunter education, shooting sports education or aquatic education;
    • Events/activities that do not focus on increasing participation in hunter education, shooting sports education, or angler/aquatic education; or
    • Membership fees for the club/organization or its members.
  • Activities involving competition are not eligible.
    • Events or activities must be free and open to the public, have an educational value and include a hands-on component.