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Next deadline: Jul 28, 2021 10:00am PDT

Later deadlines: Jan 27, 2022 10:00am PST, Apr 28, 2022 10:00am PDT

Grant amount: Approximately US $10,000

Fields of work: Real Estate & Housing Financial Literacy Economic Services & Development Workforce Preparation & Job Readiness Education Affordable Housing Public Infrastructure Community Development & Revitalization Business Development Entrepreneurship Job Creation Educational Access & Equity Tutoring & Mentoring Show all

Applicant type: Nonprofit

Funding uses: Education / Outreach, Project / Program

Location of project: Vermilion County, Illinois, Counties in Indiana: Allen County, Daviess County, Delaware County, Dubois County Show all

Location of residency: Vermilion County, Illinois, Counties in Indiana: Allen County, Daviess County, Delaware County, Dubois County Show all

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About this funder:



Our Mission

The Old National Bank Foundation believes that social responsibility is essential to fostering vibrant, sustainable communities. We realize this belief through strategic partnerships with charitable organizations addressing defined community needs.

Old National Bank Foundation

The Old National Bank Foundation makes contributions to nonprofit organizations to fund widespread community impact programs and/or projects. The Foundation is part of Old National's overall charitable giving initiative, which enables us to support programs that improve quality of life in areas of Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin where our clients, associates and shareholders live and work.


Old National Bank Foundation will foster communities that strive for impactful economic development, excellence and equity ineducation, and improved quality of life.

Funding Priorities

Our funding targets innovative programs that enhance the quality of life within our communities in support of the following strategic initiatives: Affordable Housing, Economic Development, Workforce Development, Financial Literacy and Education Achievement. Priority consideration is given to programs that serve low- to moderate-income populations/communities and small businesses. As part of our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, we also seek to support programs that focus specifically on enhancing opportunities for education, economic empowerment, mentorship and inclusion for underrepresented people and communities.

Examples of funding priorities with measurable outcome focus areas include:

Affordable Housing

  • Increase homeownership opportunities
  • Promote multi-family housing developments
  • Enhance neighborhood stabilization and vitality through home revitalization and repairs

Economic Development

  • Increase neighborhood revitalization initiatives
  • Strengthen community resource infrastructure
  • Increase business development and growth

Financial Literacy

  • Our Real-Life Finance e-learning curriculum provides robust financial literacy training for community partners at no charge

Workforce Development

  • Build skills/knowledge and improve achievement gain
  • Increase entrepreneurship initiatives and business coaching/training
  • Increase job creation, employment entry, and retention

Education Achievement

  • Improve educational readiness and achievement
  • Increase access to quality education
  • Increase access to impactful mentoring programs

Foundation Grant

This grant application is open to nonprofit organizations that meet the eligibility requirements as outlined. These organizations must also be located within our corporate footprint and seeking to carry out programs related directly to our funding priorities, mission and vision. Applicants should expect a waiting period of up to 12 weeks from submission to final decision making.

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