Francis J. Bossuyt Fellowship

Organization for Tropical Studies

Grant amount: Up to US $4,500

Next deadline: Oct 1, 2018

Later deadlines: Mar 1, 2019

Applicant type: Graduate Student

Funding uses: Conference, Research, Fellowship, General Operating Expense

Location of project: Peru

Location of residency: Anywhere in the world

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Francis J. Bossuyt Fellowship - The fellowship was created as a memorial to the life of Francis Bossuyt (1969-2000). At the time of his untimely death, Francis had been collecting his final year of data for his dissertation on Titi monkeys at the Cocha Cashu Biological Station in Manu National Park in Peru. In recognizing Francis' love for the Titi Monkeys and for field-oriented research, the Bossuyt family established this endowed fellowship. 

Successful applicants must complete the proposed research within the original time frame of the project approved for funding.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • The Francis J. Bossuyt Fellowship is for work in Cocha Cashu, Peru.
  • The award is intended to assist thesis-related field research in tropical biology and similar fields.
  • Awards are intended primarily to cover station fees at OTS field stations (food, lodging and station access) which will be charged at the full standard rate, currently overnight $77 (2016) and day visit $39 (2016).
  • Other expenses that may be included in your budget, to a maximum of $700, are research and export permit fees, local travel, and reimbursement in whole or in part of one round trip airline ticket.


  • Priority areas to be funded are research:
    • On animal behavior (preference for Callicebus) in Cocha Cashu and the surrounding areas
    • On other subjects in Cocha Cashu
    • By Peruvian students working in tropical ecosystems in Peru
    • At other locations in the tropics.


  • Major capital equipment will not be covered.
  • Salaries or stipends for the investigator are not allowed, but salaries for field assistants will be considered if the work cannot be carried out safely or efficiently by one person. .