Community Salmon Program: Short & Standard Forms

Pacific Salmon Foundation

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Grant amount: Up to C $1,500

Next anticipated deadline: Oct 15, 2020 8:59pm PDT

Later anticipated deadlines: Feb 15, 2021 11:59pm PST

Applicant type: Nonprofit

Funding uses: Education / Outreach, Research, Project / Program

Location of project: Canada

Location of residency: Canada

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Note: Effective 2016 CSP will only hold a February 15 application intake, and the October 15 intake will be contingent on available funding.

Pacific Salmon Foundation (PSF) is an independent not-for-profit organization that works with the public, which includes volunteers, community groups, business, industry, academia and all five levels of government (Federal, First Nations, Provincial, Regional and Municipal) to protect, conserve and rehabilitate Pacific salmonids and their habitat.

PSF’s Community Salmon Program (CSP) has been issuing grants since 1989. The purpose of the program is to provide resources to enable the public to participate in volunteer and community-based watershed stewardship activities that support salmonids and their habitat.

This purpose links to and supports PSF’s strategic plan and Canada’s Policy for Conservation of Wild Pacific Salmon.

Funding Types

CSP offers two streams of grant funding: Short and Standard Form applications. Applicants are limited to one Short Form application (single-item requests not exceeding $1,500) per funding round, and unlimited Standard Forms (requests over $1,500). Please note that CSP will pay up to 50% of the total value of each project and must be matched by other funds, donations, and volunteer labour

Community Salmon Program Intended Outcomes

CSP and your group have common goals; therefore, the portion of your project to receive funds from CSP needs to be aligned with CSP’s intended outcomes.  These are also the indicators used to assess your application and your completed project:

  • Increased and improved salmonid habitat
  • Increased community capacity and involvement in salmonid enhancement, habitat protection/restoration and watershed stewardship activities
  • Increased public awareness and support of the social, environmental and economic value of Pacific salmonids
  • Increased number of local community cash and in-kind project partners
  • Increased public understanding and support for rebuilding the salmonid resource and their individual role in supporting wild salmonid recovery 
  • Increased collaboration among community stakeholders in salmonid enhancement, habitat conservation and restoration projects, and ultimately 
  • Increased abundance of healthy, sustainable, genetically diverse Pacific salmonids in the wild.

Types of Projects Supported By Community Salmon Program

CSP provides grants, application support and information to volunteer and community-based groups undertaking stewardship capacity-building or salmonid conservation initiatives that meet CSP criteria and work to achieve the intended outcomes above:        

  • Habitat assessment,
  • Habitat rehabilitation,
  • Project monitoring or repair,
  • Stock assessment,
  • Stock enhancement,
  • Education, outreach and training,
  • Stewardship or community planning.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • The following criteria must be met for funding:
    • Project supports the protection, conservation, enhancement or rehabilitation of Pacific salmonids and their habitat.
    • Project is community-based and carried out in British Columbia or Yukon Territory.
    • Project is technically sound, feasible and addresses a salmonid abundance limiting factor.
    • Applicant group is a volunteer based group/organization or not-for-profit both at the time of application and during the grant period.
    • Applicant group can provide evidence that the project is technically sound and feasible.
    • Applicant group has partnered or leveraged at least 50% of project costs with cash or in-kind1 donations, grants or awards.
    • Applicant group has received, or are pending, habitat project permits or letters of support from agencies/governments, landowner(s) or, where applicable, First Nations.
    • Applicant group has received letters of support from relevant stewardship groups, businesses or industry.
    • Applicant group has no outstanding final reports or residual balances from past CSP Projects. 


  • Ineligible costs:
    • Ongoing expenses, ongoing events, fundraisers, operational costs and multi-year projects.
    • Videos, films, books, newsletters, bulletins that are ongoing or are produced for fundraising purposes.
    • Projects intended for scientific research only and do not support a specific stewardship project.
    • Wages, labour or mandatory employee costs; however, a portion of technical or professional skills critical to a project may be considered for funding.