Penny White Project Fund Grant

Harvard University

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Grant amount: US $200 - US $4,500

Anticipated deadline: Jan 5, 2021 8:59pm PST

Applicant type: Graduate Student Postdoctoral Researcher

Funding uses: Research

Location of project: Massachusetts

Location of residency: Massachusetts

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About this funder:



Winifred G. (Penny) White had just completed her second year of the MLA program when she died suddenly of leukemia in 1976. In her memory, her family established a fund within the GSD to offer financial support for student projects. The projects are to “carry forward Penny’s ideal of a culture which emphasizes a close relationship between people and nature in a cohesive living environment.”

The objectives of the Penny White Student Project Fund are:

  • To promote creative thought by providing students with an opportunity to pursue and deepen their own design and research projects, 
  • To promote the development and dissemination of a land ethic which integrates the preservation, conservation and enhancement of natural systems through studies of design, ecology and natural science, and
  • To provide opportunities for students to diversify their graduate study into areas which might not be available within the normal academic curriculum, in fields such as:
    • geomorphology,
    • microclimatology,
    • oceanography,
    • fluid dynamics, and
    • soil mechanics.

The Penny White Fund awards up to $50,000 annually in project prize funds to students in landscape architecture and allied design disciplines, across the graduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels at the Graduate School of Design.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • All students enrolled in the Harvard Graduate School of Design─except for those in their final year of study─are eligible for support for project proposals that address the objectives of the Penny White Fund.
  • Students not enrolled in the Master in Landscape Architecture, Master in Architecture, Master in Urban Design, Master in Urban Planning, or Master in Design programs must clearly indicate the relationship of the proposed project to their major research enterprise, including thesis or dissertation studies. 
  • Students may work individually or in teams, in conjunction with or independently from their course work.
  • Award amounts will not be affected by team size.
  • Only one grant may be awarded per student, either individually or in group. 


  • Although all GSD students are eligible, according to the bequest “it is expected that preference will be given to students in the Department of Landscape Architecture.” 


  • Collaboration with students who have already received an award from the Penny White Fund is not allowed. 
  • Teams may not include a student in their final year of study.