Pharos Fund Grant

Bohemian Foundation

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Grant amount: Up to US $30,000

Next anticipated deadline: Sep 5, 2020 10:59pm PDT

Later anticipated deadlines: Jan 23, 2021 10:59pm PST

Applicant type: Nonprofit Government Entity

Funding uses: Education / Outreach, General Operating Expense, Project / Program, Capital Project, Training / Capacity Building

Location of project: Larimer County, Colorado

Location of residency: United States

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About this funder:



Pharos Fund is one of Bohemian Foundation's responsive grantmaking programs.

Pharos Fund takes its name from the Great Lighthouse of Alexandria, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, built on the island of Pharos near Egypt. We believe the name provides a beacon of inspiration that guides us in our grantmaking and reminds us to light the way toward creative, innovative ideas and solutions in our community.Since its inception in 2001, we have awarded more than $15 million in Pharos Fund grants.

Pharos Fund and the Community Programs Goals

Pharos Fund is designed to help achieve our Community Program goals while being responsive to the needs and ideas of local nonprofits.

Youth: Encourage and enable youth to thrive.

Youth have always been at the heart of Community Programs. We believe that if we can support and inspire our youth, they will be on the path toward becoming productive members of society.


  • Belong: Youth develop positive relationships, strengthen their sense of belonging, and build positive self-esteem.
  • Learn: Youth experience educational success, participate in inspiring learning environments, and prepare for the future.
  • Navigate: Youth foster healthy coping mechanisms so they can effectively navigate through the challenges they encounter.
  • Contribute: Youth understand and participate in their community by recognizing and contributing their strengths.

    Economic Stability: Empower individuals and families on the path toward economic stability.

    We want to ensure that our community is a place where everyone can thrive. We want individuals and families who are embarking on the challenging journey of achieving economic stability to have access to a range of high-quality programs for support and training. We strive for everyone in our community to be able to navigate difficult terrain to achieve their dreams.


    • Belong: Individuals and families develop positive relationships, strengthen their sense of belonging, and build positive self-esteem.
    • Learn: Individuals and families experience educational and professional success.
    • Navigate: Individuals and families build skills and support networks so they can effectively navigate through the issues they encounter on their path to economic stability.
    • Contribute: Individuals and families understand their strengths and have pathways to contribute their insight and experience to inform potential solutions and further strengthen our community.

    Vibrant Community: Strengthen our vibrant community.

    Building a vibrant community requires intentional participation, reflection, and a commitment to constant improvement. We believe in our community’s strengths, but also know that we can do more to ensure these strengths are available to everyone. We aim to fortify our community’s capacity to welcome diverse cultures, experiences, and perspectives. We support efforts that actively cultivate new connections, build a sense belonging, and create access to our community’s best features where barriers may currently exist.


    • Belong: Cultivate strong connections and build a sense of belonging across the community.
    • Learn: Offer opportunities to learn and encourage broad participation across  the community.
    • Navigate: Provide pathways for skillfully and collaboratively navigating through current and future challenges.
    • Contribute: Support and inspire individuals, businesses and other organizations to contribute their time, talent, and treasure

    Request Categories

    Applicants may request support for one of the three following categories:

    Program support

    • Programs are typically operational each year; they are not one-time efforts.
    • Programs do not need to be 12-months in duration. However, consistent delivery and integration into organizational planning is required for a request to be considered a program support request.
    • Pilot programs are eligible under this category, even if they may just happen once in their testing phase.

    General operating support (organizational support)

    • Governmental units and Poudre School District are not eligible for general operating support.

    Project support for requests that are one-time in nature within one of the two following subcategories:

    • Equipment/capital projects
    • Technical assistance/capacity building
    • Other (explanation will be required in the application) 

    You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


    • Applicants must be a 501(c)(3) organization or governmental unit (as defined in section 170 (c)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code.).
      • Some exclusions apply. Please see our full guidelines for eligibility requirements for government entities.
    • Applicants must provide services within Poudre School District boundary.
      • Applicants don’t need to be headquartered in Fort Collins to receive funding.
      • However, applicants must serve clients within the Poudre School District boundary or have a direct impact on individuals in our grantmaking area. 
    • Organizations may only submit one application per grant round. (For governmental units, Poudre School District and Colorado State University applicants, one applicant per school or department is allowable.)
    • Faith-based organizations are eligible to apply to Pharos Fund.
      • However, applications may not include activities that support or promote a specific religious purpose.
      • Programming provided by faith-based applicants must be open to the wider community without regard to the participant’s religious beliefs.
      • Programming must not include proselytizing or mandatory attendance at any religious service.


    • Private foundations, type III non-functionally-integrated supporting organizations, and programs and projects under fiscal sponsorship are ineligible to apply to Pharos Fund. 
    • Pharos Fund does not currently provide support for:
        • Multi-year requests (Requests can be for a maximum of 12 months in duration.)
        • Multi-support requests (Applicants must choose from one of the three requests categories listed above. Applications may not be a combination of any of the request categories.)
        • Fundraising events (See Community Event Fund or Music Event Fund.)
        • Single-day or multi-day events (See Community Event Fund or Music Event Fund.)
        • Music-related requests (See Bohemian Foundation’s Music Programs for music-related support.)
        • Private schools
        • Capital campaigns
        • Debt reduction
        • Endowment funding
        • Political campaigns or legislative issues
        • Funding for individuals or teams (i.e. athletic tournaments, academic competitions, band trips, etc.)
        • Activities that support a specific religious purpose
        • Non-501(c)(3) organizations (except eligible governmental units serving a charitable purpose), private foundations or programs and projects under fiscal sponsorship
        • Type III non-functionally integrated supporting organizations
        • Programs and projects of a governmental unit that do not further a charitable purpose
        • Awards to individuals
        • Discriminatory programs
        • Youth Goal Related Exclusions
          • Individual mental health therapy (e.g. 1:1 counseling)
          • Respite or disability services
          • Sliding-fee programs for child care providers
          • Requests that support participants over 18 years old (Bohemian Foundation identifies “youth” from birth through grade 12, or through age 18 if not enrolled in secondary education)
        • Economic Stability Goal Related Exclusions
          • Individual mental health therapy (e.g. 1:1 counseling)
          • Respite or disability services
          • Sliding-fee programs for child care providers
          • Replacing or duplicating funding that is provided as an ongoing service of local, state, or federal government
        • Vibrant Community Goal Related Exclusions
          • General operating support for arts and culture organizations