Positive Action Community Grants

ViiV Healthcare

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Deadline: Rolling

Grant amount: Unspecified amount

Fields of work: HIV/AIDS

Applicant type: Nonprofit

Funding uses: Project / Program, Education / Outreach, General Operating Expense

Location of project: United States, Puerto Rico

Location of residency: United States, Puerto Rico


NOTE: Proposals are accepted on a rolling basis. Applicants are encouraged to submit proposals by July 7, 2022. For those requesting support for special events, proposals must be received at least six weeks prior to the scheduled event.

Positive Action Community Grants

ViiV Healthcare was established to take an innovative approach to the challenge of HIV—and we do. It’s who we are. An innovative approach means we go beyond developing new medicines—we know it takes more to end the epidemic.

Through a combination of community-focused approaches that include deep listening, grantmaking, community engagement, shared learning, and cultural arts programs, we ensure that the voices of the HIV community inform everything we do.


Our approach to giving has always been about more than money. We Listen. Seeking insights and understanding to foster collaboration and action. We Activate new initiatives and fund community projects where there are the greatest disparities, while connecting individuals and organizations to strengthen networks and services. We Amplify. Sharing insights to illuminate bright spots and drive community solutions. We Sustain. Strengthening leaders, organizations, and communities to build and expand on the momentum of effective work. Through this approach we focus our funding and collaborations on community organizations that are prioritizing work in three key focus areas:


Strengthen supportive networks for people living with an impacted by HIV and those who serve them

Linkage & Engagement

Support navigation and programs that help link, re-link, and engage people in HIV prevention, treatment, and care


Amplify the efforts of people living with and impacted by HIV to advocate for themselves, strengthen leadership, insights, and culture activities that reduce stigma, and fuel community responses.


ViiV Healthcare’s Positive Action Community Grants (PACG) initiative is currently requesting proposals to support:

  • The health and well-being of people living with HIV through innovative, community-led solutions that address disparities in the epidemic, and;
  • Strong prevention infrastructure for communities of color, fueling new ways to reach and engage people in HIV prevention, shift the narrative around risk, and fuel networks that help disrupt disparities in HIV prevention.

Organizations applying to Positive Action Community Grants may request funding in the following three categories:

  • General operating support for core support and mission-driven community-based work.
  • Special events sponsorships for conferences and events that foster networks, create awareness, and amplify the voices of people living with HIV and AIDS.
  • Project support for organizations implementing innovative projects within ViiV Healthcare’s focus areas: linkage to care, networks of support, and advocacy. ViiV Healthcare is particularly interested in efforts that operate at the intersection of HIV, stigma, and other social determinants of health in the following ways:
    • Expanding harm reduction services and advocacy to successfully engage people who use drugs in care, and support their families and communities;
    • The decriminalization of HIV at the local and national level;
    • Increasing access to quality and culturally responsive sexual health education;
    • Activating arts and culture as a tool for community engagement, connection, and building empathy;
    • Increasing access to and awareness of the mental health needs of people living with or vulnerable to HIV.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • At minimum, eligible nonprofit organizations must meet all of the following criteria, and/or engage a Fiscal Sponsor that meets all of the following criteria:
    • Be a 501(c)(3) Internal Revenue Service (IRS) designated nonprofit organization;
    • Be located in the U.S. or Puerto Rico;
    • Provide programs and support primarily to those persons or communities impacted by or affected by HIV in the U.S.;
    • Receive no more than 25% of your total operating budget (total annual revenue) in 2021 from ViiV Healthcare and anticipate the same for 2022;
    • Organizations applying for the grant must be the same organization receiving the funds and must be responsible for the implementation and management of the project.


  • ViiV Healthcare funding cannot support:
    • Organizations owned, fully or in part, by a Healthcare Professional or Customer of ViiV Healthcare.
      • Examples of Healthcare Professionals or Customers include, but are not necessarily limited to, physicians, physicians’ assistants, nurses, pharmacists, residents and medical students, phlebotomists, medical case managers, adherence counselors, pharmacy and medical directors within managed care organizations, other personnel within managed care organizations, and policy advocates;
    • Program expenses allocated to support the salary of a licensed medical professional;
    • Indirect costs that amount to more than 15% of the proposed program’s budgets; o University-based indirect costs are capped at 10%;
    • Direct building expenses, endowments or other capital expenditures;
    • Support for advertising for local athletics and/or other extracurricular activities (including trips, tours, etc.);
    • Support for brand advertising;
    • Religious groups or other societies that do not serve the general public on a non-denominational basis;
    • Patient education materials for a program/activity that will include ViiV Healthcare staff input on the content (if for a publication, no more than 5% of ViiV Healthcare funds to be used to support the publication costs);
    • Product donations;
    • Matching gifts;
    • Patient assistance programs;
    • Certified medical education;
    • Purchasing of any medications;
  • In addition, as a charitable contribution, ViiV Healthcare cannot support projects that will provide a benefit to ViiV Healthcare. Specifically, ViiV Healthcare’s Positive Action programs cannot consider requests that:
    • Promote a specific ViiV Healthcare product or line of business—there should be no inclusion of ViiV products or pipeline in projects;
    • Provide more than an “incidental or tenuous”benefit to ViiV Healthcare (generally defined as goodwill and publicity);
    • Involve lobbying or political activity;
    • Create an appearance of impropriety.

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