Pratt-Stanton Manor Fund Grant

Greater New Orleans Foundation

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Grant amount: Up to US $40,000

Anticipated deadline: Jul 15, 2020 9:59pm PDT

Applicant type: Nonprofit

Funding uses: Project / Program, Capital Project

Location of project: Counties in Louisiana: Assumption Parish, Jefferson Parish, Lafourche Parish, Orleans Parish, Plaquemines Parish Show all

Location of residency: United States

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About this funder:



Pratt-Stanton Manor Fund

Pratt-Stanton Manor helped older adults to live independent lives for over forty years, as a nonprofit assisted living facility for older adults in New Orleans. Recent trends show an increase in the number of adults 65 and over who fall below the poverty line. This is occurring at the same time that funding for older adult services is declining. We believe that, while it is important to invest to reverse this trend, it is also important to invest to help older adults live independently and with dignity. Pratt-Stanton Manor worked hard to provide high quality services. It created a happy and healthy environment for its residents so that they could enjoy fruitful and meaningful lives. As a fund of the Greater New Orleans Foundation, Pratt-Stanton Manor seeks to continue this legacy through partnerships with organizations that share this vision.


Help older adults to live dignified, meaningful, and independent lives.


Leverage existing resources available to organizations serving older adults by awarding grants, up to $40,000, annually. In special circumstances the Pratt-Stanton Manor advisory committee can recommend larger grants.

Priority Areas

Priority will be given to organizations in three areas of work:

  • serve older adults, especially those living below the region’s median income level;
  • serve the most frail and dysfunctional older adults who are living independently; and
  • address most basic needs, including food, housing, long term care, activities for daily living, improving general quality of life, and delaying the onset of disability.

Specific Guidelines

Requirements necessary to keep older adults living independently cut across project, program, and capital needs.

The following are examples of project or program needs:

  • To provide informal caregiver support–initiatives that support the work of unpaid caregivers, including friends and family.
  • To provide services and supports–basic needs and interventions designed to prevent or delay hospitalization.
  • To promote economic security–initiatives that help older adults manage their resources, or connect with benefits available to them.

The following are examples of capital needs:

  • To provide housing rehabilitation and repair services–home repairs and home modification programs designed to help older adults lead independent lives in their homes, or in independent care facilities.
  • To provide capital support for residential care and community-based facilities–capital projects aimed at developing a friendly home-like environment, including senior centers, adult day programs, and other facilities that provide non-institutional setting.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations that serve the Greater New Orleans region are eligible to apply for funding.
    • Organizations that are not tax-exempt but have a fiscal sponsor relationship with a 501(c)(3) organization are also eligible.


  • As a general rule, The Pratt-Stanton Manor Fund does not fund the ongoing operational expenses of an established not-for-profit organization.