Public Health Corps COVID-19 Disparities Initiative

Fund for Public Health NYC

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Predicted Deadline
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Next predicted deadline: Aug 24, 2022 (Letter of inquiry)

Later predicted deadlines: Sep 3, 2022 8:59pm PDT (Pre proposal), Sep 17, 2022 8:59pm PDT (Full proposal)

Grant amount: Up to US $2,185,000

Fields of work: Epidemiology & Public Health Health Disparities & Social Determinants of Health

Applicant type: Organizations

Funding uses: Project / Program

Location of project: Counties in New York: Bronx County, Kings County, New York County, Queens County, Richmond County

Location of residency: Counties in New York: Bronx County, Kings County, New York County, Queens County, Richmond County

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NOTE: The pre-proposal deadline is when the written questions are due.

About Us

We all benefit from public health. Health makes it possible for us to live, learn, work, and play. The Fund for Public Health in New York City (FPHNYC) works to promote healthy behaviors, educate communities, and combat the spread of infectious diseases. Through these actions, we can reduce inequality and improve the health of all New Yorkers.

Public Health Corps COVID-19 Disparities Initiative

This Request for Proposals (RFP) is issued by the Fund for Public Health in New York City (FPHNYC), on behalf of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s (NYC DOHMH) Center for Health Equity and Community Wellness to reduce COVID-19 racial/ethnic disparities by growing public health capacity in partnership with community-based organizations (CBOs) in the most disinvested neighborhoods across New York City. This is a NYC Public Health Corps (PHC) initiative.

The purpose of this RFP is to identify community-based organizations (CBOs) within target neighborhoods who can launch an organized model for reducing COVID-19 disparities by reducing risk for COVID-19 infection, building social cohesion, and addressing upstream social needs and racial inequities via strong relationships with institutions and trusted messengers in the neighborhood. Funding aims to expand the engagement of Community Health Worker workforce to leverage their deep community roots, institutional relationships, and neighborhood expertise to launch COVID-19 recovery, build community resilience, catalyze systems change and increase preparedness for future emergencies. DOHMH will support awardees with technical assistance in a variety of topics to strengthen their capacity to sustain the model post-award.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Community and/or Faith-Based Organizations serving and having a physical location in one of the City’s United Hospital Fund Neighborhoods are invited to apply.
    • Applications will be accepted from organizations working jointly or as part of coalitions with up to three (3) members.
      • If applying as a coalition, one organization must serve as the lead applicant when submitting a proposal; however, each coalition organization must meet all eligibility requirements outlined in this RFP.
      • If a coalition of organizations has associated under a single 501c3 umbrella, and all the staff and deliverables will be responsibility of that 501c3 with no delegation to other organizations, this will be considered a single applicant, and not a coalition for purposes of this application.
  • Coalitions with up to three members are also eligible to apply as long as each coalition member also serves and has a physical location in one of the City’s United Hospital Fund Neighborhoods.
  • Applicants must be physically located in the neighborhood(s) they propose to serve:
    • Applicants must have programs and services in the eligible neighborhood(s) they propose to serve; AND
    • Applicants must have a public-serving site in the neighborhood(s) they propose to serve.
  • Applicants must be willing to be advertised as a network hub for navigation of COVID-19services and information for the selected neighborhood and serve any community members in the catchment area beyond its current client base.
  • Applicants must be committed to having collaborative, non-competitive, relationships with contractors from other COVID-19 initiatives in their catchment area with whom they may share similar deliverables.
  • Applicants must have existing staff in Community Health Worker (CHW) or related roles and existing institutional relationships to engage with key stakeholders and residents alike in the neighborhood.
    • CHWs or related staff must be able to engage individuals for person-level services, as well as engage partners for network strengthening/building.
  • For this Public Health Corps initiative RFP, there will be TWO simultaneous competitions, Competition A and Competition B.
    • Applicants in Competition A and Competition B will follow all of the same application requirements.
    • However, Competition A applicants will only be competing with Competition A applicants, and Competition B applicants will only be competing with Competition B applicants.
    • Organizations may apply to both competitions, though a separate application is required for each.
    • Organizations may apply to no more than 1 neighborhood per competition.
    • The funding amount varies between Competition A and B.


  • In awarding contracts for each competition, priority will be given to the following:
    • Organizations that can fill service gaps to ensure wider reach of COVID-19 prevention and disparity elimination work, particularly in neighborhoods with existing COVID-19community engagement contracts;
    • Applicants whose mission is focused on and/or contributing to the overall health improvement of all residents of the neighborhood; and
    • Applicants who demonstrate capacity to start work and scale up quickly.


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