Quadratec Cares 'Energize The Environment' Grant Program


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Next deadline: Jun 30, 2022 8:59pm PDT

Later deadlines: Oct 30, 2022 8:59pm PDT

Grant amount: US $3,500

Fields of work: Trail Creation & Maintenance Greening & Beautification Parks & Public Spaces Environmental Education Habitat & Ecosystem Restoration Environmental Stewardship

Applicant type: Organizations, Individuals

Funding uses: Education / Outreach, Project / Program

Location of project: United States

Location of residency: United States


Quadratec Cares 'Energize The Environment' Grant Program

Quadratec recognizes that our position as a leading aftermarket supplier for 4x4 vehicles – such as Jeeps – also gives us a responsibility to help support enthusiasts working towards improving our environment. By doing so, we believe all of us can positively influence a new generation of outdoor lovers, help keep our recreational facilities and trails free of litter, and promote a better understanding of what makes our environmental world tick.

Money does not grow on trees. We all know that. Nor is it found under rocks or hanging from bushes. But for those individuals or organizations passionate about the environment – those looking to help save our trees, rocks and bushes, or even the trails we drive – Quadratec can help.

We are honored to present our Quadratec Cares 'Energize the Environment' Grant Program.

Over the years, Quadratec has proudly awarded environmental-restoration grants to scores of groups and individuals through our Quadratec Cares Restoration for Recreation program. In the process, we’ve seen trails and off-road facilities from Maine to California benefit. But more importantly, we understand that another great way to promote environmental responsibility is to energize those in the community who have a vision, a sense of responsibility, for making our environmental world a better place.

Our Program

Starting this year we are taking our love for all things environmental and asking you - or your organization - to tell us why you feel you'd make a great fit for our grant program. We are offering two $3,500 environmental grants per year – one each in the spring and fall – to an individual or group currently pursuing a program or initiative designed to benefit our environment.

Some examples of this would be:

  • Trail building or restoration projects
  • Park beautification events
  • Litter prevention initiatives
  • Earth Study missions
  • Sustainable Land Management activities
  • Community environmental educational projects
  • Youth educational engagement events

The recipient or organization will receive a one-time $3,500 payment to be used exclusively towards stated project. 

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Any individual, group, or organization in the United States who has a love for all things environmental, and has an idea or event designed to help improve our environment, is eligible. 
  • Only one grant will be awarded per individual or organization per year.
  • Previous winners may apply for a new grant once one calendar year elapses.


  • Grant funds are not transferable to other individuals or groups, nor are they renewable.

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