Quest for the Best® Financial Grant

Quest for the Best®

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Deadline: Rolling

Grant amount: Up to US $70,000

Fields of work: Community Services

Applicant type: Nonprofit

Funding uses: Education / Outreach, Project / Program

Location of project: Pennsylvania

Location of residency: Preferred: Counties in Pennsylvania: Bucks County, Chester County, Delaware County, Montgomery County Other eligible locations: United States

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About this funder:



Our Mission

Quest for the Best® strives for a better tomorrow by providing funds and/or services to those who are committed to strengthening the common good of mankind.

The legal professionals of Quest for the Best® provide business and transactional legal services to organizations recognized as tax exempt under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code serving the disadvantaged and enhancing the quality of life in Pennsylvania, with priority to those organizations located in Montgomery, Chester, Delaware and Bucks Counties. Our clients are 501 (c) (3) organizations or those seeking tax exempt status under Section 501 (c) (3). We also provide counseling and advice to the appropriate individuals that are served by these organizations.

We do not undertake litigation, criminal or intellectual property matters. Each request is reviewed individually, and Quest for the Best® reserves the right to determine if we will accept a matter after review of all facts provided.

Grantmaking Criteria

We consider requests for funding that meet the overall mission and goals of the Foundation.

While each program has its own areas of focus, we consider the following criteria. These include initiatives that:

  • Target root causes of problems
  • Are replicable either within a sector or across geographical locations
  • Include plans for long-term sustainability
  • Have secured co-funding
  • Strive to collaborate with like-minded organizations
  • Value the participation of people (including children) and communities
  • Favor projects that are not customarily financed by public tax funds
  • Favor grants for specific programs, projects and equipment

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Quest for the Best provides funds for project-based grants. A “project-based” grant request is an application for funding for a specific project, program or purchase. Examples of previously approved project-based grant requests include a request to purchase furniture for a Shelter’s family room, a request to purchase computers for a museum, funds to support an after-school program’s trip to tour multiple colleges and funds to support a specific program at a zoo. 
  • Our grants are subject to a matching requirement. Only newly received gifts of cash or securities, in hand, valued at the time of transfer, and designated for our supported project, qualify as matching contributions. Pledges do not qualify. If we award a matching grant we may pay matching funds in installment amounts specified in our award letter.
  • We provide grants to organizations in the United States that have been determined by the IRS to be 501(c) (3) charities.


  • Please keep in mind that operational costs, salaries, etc., do not fall into the category of a project-based grant request.
  • We do not provide support to individuals, and do not provide funding for scholarships or tuition assistance for undergraduate or postgraduate studies.
  • We also do not fund religious organizations and institutions when the resulting impact of the project is primarily denominational.
  • We do not fund election campaigns, political activities, or general fund-raising drives.