Ravi Sankaran Fellowship Program: Small Research Grants

Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation

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Grant amount: Up to ₹200,000

Anticipated deadline: May 1, 2020 11:29am PDT

Applicant type: Graduate Student Postdoctoral Researcher Faculty Unaffiliated Researcher Working Professional

Funding uses: Fellowship

Location of project: India

Location of residency: India

Location of citizenship: India

Age restriction: No more than 30 years of age

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The Ravi Sankaran Fellowship Program funds Small Grants for a conservation research or implementation project within India. 

The Program will fund up to 5 recipients to carry out an initial project of up to 1 yr that is expected to lead to a longer-term conservation science and/or implementation project. Thus, this program provides “seed money” for what may ordinarily be viewed as an unconventional or risky project.

Recipients of an initial Small Grant may apply for follow-up funding. When doing so, they must demonstrate the success of the pilot project and show how subsequent funding is essential to bring out the conservation benefits of the project. . Where appropriate, applicants for a small grant are encouraged to consider and include the potential role that local communities can play in conservation.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Open to Indian nationals (who must also be resident in India at the time of applying) with a demonstrated deep interest in wildlife ecology and conservation through prior involvement in this field.
  • Applicants must hold a Bachelors degree in any subject, and should normally be below 30 years of age on the first of July in the year of application.
  • Applicants must demonstrate their commitment to conservation and strongly justify how the fellowship will further conservation in India. 
  • Activities funded by the Small Grants program should ordinarily be carried out in India.
  • Funding is provided for stipend and project expenses (not exceeding Rs 2 lakh per year in total).


  • Ravi Sankaran Masters and Internship Fellows are not eligible for project/research funding.