Recycling and Litter Prevention Grants: Litter Management Grants

Ohio Environmental Protection Agency

Grant amount: US $500 - US $90,000

Anticipated deadline: Feb 1, 2019

Applicant type: Government Entity College / University Nonprofit Indigenous Group

Funding uses: Applied Project / Program, Education / Outreach

Location of project: Ohio

Location of residency: Ohio

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Litter Management Grants allow Ohio communities, local government agencies and non-profit organizations to support litter and tire amnesty collection projects. Additionally, grant funding is available to support Keep Ohio beautiful (KOB) Communities and KOB activities. Grant proposals must include an actual clean-up activity to take place on public land or public waterways. The applicant must include a commitment to provide 10 percent matching funds. The grant period is 12 months in duration.

Allowable costs


  • purchase or rental of equipment, tools and supplies 
  • safety and awareness signage

Other (Goods & Services) 

  • print/production and/or purchase of advertising
  • disposal fees for litter and tire collection projects
  • purchase litter clean-up awareness items such as t-shirts, etc.

Personal Services Contract 

  • costs associated with contracts for products, service and equipment related to the project 

Litter Management Grant Projects

  •   KAB Annual Renewal
    •    Grant Request (Up To) $500 
  • KAB Certification Fee
    •    Grant Request (Up To)  $4,000
  • Environmental Law Enforcement Taskforce
    • Grant Request (Up To) $20,000 
  • Litter Clean-up Events
    • Grant Request (Up To)  $10,000
  • Vacant Lot Restoration (public property only)
    • Grant Request (Up To) $10,000
  • Tire Amnesty Collection (5,000 -10,000 PTE)
    • Grant Request (Up To) $30,000 
  • Tire Amnesty Collection (10,001 - 20,000 PTE)
    • Grant Request (Up To) $60,000
  • Tire Amnesty Collection (Above 20,000 PTE)
    • Grant Request (Up To) $90,000

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Eligibility -an agency of the state, including a municipal corporation, county, township, village, state college or university, solid waste management district or authority, health districts, Keep America Beautiful (KAB) affiliates, boards of education, and non-profit organizations.
  • Funding Criteria:
    • Complete an activity on public property 
    • Consistent with the strategic goals of the local and state solid waste management plans
    • Grant funds will be used to supplement but not to replace existing funds
    • All litter clean-up activities must involve the use of volunteers
  • Matching Funds:
    • Applicants must demonstrate that they will commit a minimum of ten percent (10%) matching funds to the project.  


  • Costs not reimbursable with grant funds include, but are not limited to:
    • salaries or administrative costs 
    • food or entertainment expenses, including procurement of coolers, grills, etc.
    • payment to individuals, crews or organizations to pick up litter
    • projects conducted on private property
    • fuel for transportation or equipment
    • website development and maintenance
    • costs associated with residential drop-off
    • materials not generally found in the municipal solid waste stream
    • financial services and grant writing fees
    • costs excluded by ORC 3736 or not identified under allowable costs