Recycling Assistance Grant Program

West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection

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Grant amount: US $75,000 - US $150,000

Deadline: Jul 1, 2020 2:00pm PDT

Applicant type: Government Entity Nonprofit For-Profit Business College / University

Funding uses: Education / Outreach, Project / Program

Location of project: West Virginia

Location of residency: West Virginia

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Recycling Assistance Grant Program

The West Virginia Legislature made it possible to offer this program through a $1.00 fee imposed on every ton of solid waste disposed of at state landfills. The funds are available to any county, municipality, public or private entity in West Virginia that is interested in planning and implementing recycling programs, related public educational programs or need assistance in recycling market efforts.  

The recycling assistance grant program provides grants to assist local governments and other interested parties in:

  • initiating, expanding, or upgrading recycling programs;
  • public education programs which promote recycling
  • recycling market procurement efforts

The following types of grants are available:

Local Government Recycling Feasibility Study and Planning Grant 

  • This grant is for researching the feasibility of community, county, and regional recycling programs including market development and requires submittal of a detailed comprehensive plan. A local government may use a professional service to assist in planning and/or implementing a comprehensive recycling program.

Recycling Program Assistance Grant 

  • This grant is for initiating, expanding, or upgrading recycling programs, and emphasizes the integration of source reduction and recycling. 

The amount of funding varies. The maximum amount of funding available for a public entity is $150,000 with $75,000 being the maximum for a private entity. 

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Recycling Program Assistance Grants: All West Virginia entities, as defined below, are eligible to apply for recycling program assistance grants: 
    • "Local government” --
      • any unit of local government within the state, including a county, county board of education, municipality, and any other authority, board, commission, district, office, public authority, public corporation, or other instrumentality of a county, county board of education, or municipality or any combination of two or more local governments.
    • “Other interested party”  -- 
      • private business and enterprise and nonprofit organizations, 
      • public and private schools,
      • colleges and universities, and
      • state agencies and municipalities
  • Local Government Recycling Feasibility Study and Planning Grants:
    • Only local governments are eligible to apply
  • General conditions applicable to proposals:
    • The following general conditions apply to all proposals for funding under the recycling assistance grant program:
      • The proposed project shall be designed to affect a significant and measurable reduction in the municipal solid waste stream.
      • All proposals shall plan to involve all or a substantial percentage of the community’s residents located in the project area and should include a plan to provide public education regarding the recycling program;
      • The grant proposal should demonstrate the relationship to, and support of, the hierarchy established under West Virginia Code §22C-4, i.e., source reduction, recycling, reuse and resource recovery, and landfilling.
  • Use of a grant:
    • A recycling assistance grant shall be used for:
      • Personnel 
      • Conference Attendance
      • Office Supplies
      • Operational Supplies
      • Equipment
      • Recycling Vehicle Expense
      • Printing
      • Advertising
      • Promotional Items
      • Utilities
      • Professional Services
    • For complete details on eligible funding uses and other rules governing this program, download the complete  Recycling Assistance Grant Guidelines.


  • The recycling assistance fund grant review committee shall give priority to those municipalities, counties, state instrumentalities, private schools, proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, and cooperatives, required to recycle as a result of a county referendum or pursuant to the provisions of West Virginia Code §22-15A-18 and §22-15A-20.  


  • A recycling assistance grant may not be used for:
    • The purchase or long term lease of dumpsters or other containers, or their servicing, when they are not part of an approved recycling activity;
    • Land acquisitions;  
    • The cost for office equipment including such items as desks, chairs, telephones, typewriters, filing cabinets, and photocopying equipment;
    • Street sweepers or their equivalents;
    • Entertainment costs (banquets, parties, etc.);
    • Alcoholic beverages, in-state lunches, and all gratuities;
    • Beautification projects (plantings, mowing, weeding, etc.) unless the purpose is to provide natural screening to neighboring properties;
    • Computer hardware/software, provided that, the Secretary may waive or  modify this constraint where appropriately justified by the applicant; or
    • Any type of lobbying expense.
  • A grant shall not be used to replace funding which is currently budgeted or being provided by the applicant.
  • A grant shall not be used to fund an entity, program, or facility that financially benefited from a Recycling Assistance grant the previous year.
    • A waiver to apply for a consecutive grant may be approved as provided in section 4.4. of this rule. A request for a waiver shall be submitted to the Secretary in writing.