Recreational Fishing Advisory Board - Saltwater Recreational Fishing Development Fund

Virginia Marine Resources Commission

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Anticipated deadline: Apr 15, 2021

Grant amount: Unspecified amount

Fields of work: Sport Fishing

Applicant type: Nonprofit, Indigenous Group, Government Entity, College / University

Funding uses: Project / Program, Education / Outreach, Research

Location of project: Virginia

Location of residency: Virginia

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In July 1992, the Virginia General Assembly enacted legislation authorizing the implementation of a saltwater recreational fishing license. Pursuant to Virginia Code Section 28.3-302.3 , funds collected by the Commonwealth of Virginia for the sale of those license are deposited in a special non-reverting fund and used to improve recreational fisheries in Virginia. The Recreational Fishing Advisory Board (RFAB) of the Virginia Marine Resources Commission is charged with advising the Commission on the management of that fund consistent with the enabling legislation.

 Priority Areas

The following categories have been identified as the areas of priority concern for recreational fisheries and proposals for Fund expenditures should address needs within these categories. In addition, the RFAB had adopted funding targets, expressed as a percentage of total fund expenditures, for each of these categories, which are also listed below.

  • Education: Not more than 20%
  • Law Enforcement: Not more than 5% 
  • Facilities (Access): Not more than 25% 
  • Habitat Improvement: Not more than 20% 
  • Research & Data Collection: Not more than 30% 
  • Stock Enhancement: Not more than 5% 

Applications for facilities/access projects must provide an estimate of the usage of the facility to include number of people, where the people are expected to come from, number of license holders within the area, and any other relevant demographic data or estimates. All facilities /access projects shall post signage giving appropriate credit to the Virginia Saltwater Recreational Development Fund.

Projects will normally be awarded for a period of one year. Applicants may request a multi-year support, but additional funding will be approved on an annual basis subject to satisfactory completion of previous work (includes reporting on a timely basis), submission of a renewal proposal, and a determination that continuation of the project is in the best interest of the RFAB/VMRC's needs and priorities. 

Jurisdictions shall maintain the stated or intended use of the facility/access project for a minimum period of 20 years. Projects over $100,000 must maintain the intended use for 30 years. Any abandonment of the project, conversion of the project to another use, or allowance of uses prohibited by the contract shall automatically trigger repayment to the fund of an amortized portion of the total grant reflecting the remaining life of the project. Funding for facility/access projects will be reimbursed to the jurisdiction upon completion of the entire contracted project. Reimbursements will be processed within 30 days of the final VMRC engineering inspection. All final expense and support documentation must be included with the request for reimbursement.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • The RFAB Grant Program accepts grant applications from public and non-profit entities addressing any of our priority areas.
  • Matching Fund:
    • Grant recipients are required to match a minimum of 10% of the total project costs for research and data collection projects.
    • Grant recipients for facilities/access projects are required to provide a "hard dollar" (cash, value of land, etc.) matching contribution at a minimum of 25% of the total project cost.


  • We prefer to receive the complete application via E-mail or CD in Microsoft Word/Excel or Adobe PDF format.
    • However, if you do not have the computer capabilities, hard copies will be accepted.