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Applicant type: Nonprofit

Funding uses: Education / Outreach, General Operating Expense, Project / Program

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Focusing on areas of need 

We have expressed our commitment and responsibility beyond our business to the broader society for over a century by directing financial and human resources to tackling social causes, stimulating engagement in science and promoting cultural activities. Our approach to philanthropic donations and non-commercial sponsorship mirrors our sustainable business model and innovation culture. 

By selectively developing and supporting innovative solutions and by applying our core knowledge together with competent partners, we aim to apply simple measures that result in lasting improvements and sustainable benefits for society. We believe that this collaborative, value-based approach demonstrates that Roche and its partners are committed to effective outcomes. Our expectation is that our partners share the risk, commitment and investment of respective resources in the implementation of a project.

Our funding areas 

We support primarily programmes that will benefit from an active, long-term commitment on our part. Our emphasis is on projects that make a real difference through innovation, collaboration, quality and sustainability. 

We seek to be a contributor of skills and competencies and a project funder, directing our energies in four areas:     

  • Humanitarian and social projects by partnering with charitable organisations on initiatives which lead to sustainable benefits    
  • Science and education programmes for learners, teachers and future scientists    
  • Arts and culture with an emphasis on vibrant contemporary and innovative activities    
  • Community and environment projects that are creative, sustainable and address local needs  

Read the full description of project areas and funding guidelines here.

Collaborating locally and internationally
Roche operates globally but delegates responsibility for most philanthropic activities to its local affiliates operating in over 150 countries. Internationally, we collaborate on a limited number of long-term philanthropic projects with established groups.

Focusing on local needs
Roche affiliates are active corporate citizens in their local communities, as are our more than 80,000 employees. We encourage and, when possible, assist them to be actively involved in their communities.  By selecting and managing philanthropic projects locally, we can better focus on local needs and circumstances to maximise programme effectiveness.

Supporting international efforts
At the corporate level, we seek to develop projects jointly with established groups. These include non-governmental, non-profit or multilateral organisations, or local charitable agencies. Experience shows us that such projects are more likely to generate lasting outcomes by making better use of available resources and developing the most appropriate programmes.  Roche’s Corporate Donations and Philanthropy (CDP) group supports philanthropic activities that may encompass multiple countries. This ensures alignment with company policy, provides communication strategies and helps coordinate other operational support. 

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Affiliate giving is thereby restricted to supporting local organisations and programmes that are based and operate their programmes in the same country as the Roche affiliate.


  • We give priority to innovative, high-quality projects that meet the following criteria:     
    • promote sustainable development    
    • offer an opportunity for Roche to use its expertise and logistics capabilities  
    • involve Roche actively at an early stage with local authorities and competent local partners
    • engage Roche employees in cultural, educational and social activities 
    • are managed by an accredited charity.


  • Roche does not support projects with a religious, political, commercial or image-building purpose.    
  • Roche does not fund professional or semi-professional sporting events or mainstream cultural events.    
  • Only in exceptional cases does Roche participate in charity fund-raising events. Even then, Roche provides direct support rather than collect funds on behalf of third parties.    
  • Roche restricts product donations to assisting emergency relief efforts and only upon request from local partners or international aid organisations.    
  • Roche does not support projects intended to replace or compete with government programmes. 
  • Roche does not respond to mass mailings, unsigned requests or those broadcasted throughout the corporation.
  • Roche only makes political donations in exceptional cases, and only to political organizations, never to individuals.
    • Political donations are made in line with prevailing legal and ethical standards.