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Grant amount: £2,000

Deadline: Apr 30, 2020

Applicant type: Undergraduate Student Graduate Student

Funding uses: Conference, Research

Location of project: Ireland, United Kingdom

Location of residency: Ireland, United Kingdom

Age restriction: At least 18 years of age

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Viking Bursary

The Viking bursary has been established thanks to a generous bequest by Mrs Sheila Jorgensen, a former RFS Yorkshire Division member, who requested the RFS set up a bursary to be known as the Viking Bursary, for study and travel. This bursary is part of the RFS Future Foresters programme.


The bursary will fund all costs directly associated with the project including travel, accommodation and equipment. Candidates are expected to submit travel budgets with their application. Co-funding with other sources of funds is acceptable. Travel insurance, health insurance, access permissions and travel documentation are the responsibility of the award recipient. Successful candidates must comply with RFS Health and Safety policy and that of their educational institution for any field-work being proposed or undertaken.


In most years we will make one award or more than one award up to a total value of £2,000. In exceptional circumstances we may be able to make awards that total over £2,000, depending on the standard of applications received by the deadline. The maximum amount for an individual award is £2,000. The committee also reserves the right to make no awards in any particular year.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Eligibility
    • Students in full time or part time higher education over the age of 18.
    • You must be registered with an approved university or college in England, Wales or Northern Ireland and studying forestry or a closely allied field, such as arboriculture, urban forestry, natural resources, conservation, geography or environmental science at that institution.
    • Students enrolled FdSc, BSc, MSc and PhD courses who are at an early stage in their careers, are eligible.
    • Only one application per person per year will be considered. 
  • Study Scope
    • Any aspect of forestry which benefits the practical management and resilience of woodlands and which:
      • is original, independent, self-directed study or research.
      • has clear study/research objectives, methods, outcomes and timeframe.
      • The scope includes course-related dissertations and theses. The area of study is limited to the UK with priority given to projects focused on England, Wales and Northern Ireland.


  • Priority is given to projects focused on England, Wales and Northern Ireland.